How do you handle temper tantrums?

N'Keesia - posted on 08/26/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My youngest daughter has turned one on August 7th and exhibits temper tantrums, when she does not get her way. I am determined not to hit her (pat her bottom) or yell at her when she does this. However, at times I feel overwhelmed. My husband constantly tells me to nip it now, before it gets worse and she causes me embarrassment. Any suggestions?


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My daughter is doing the same thing. The best is to remain calm and ignore the tantrum and distract her with something else. It seems like when I ignore it and she sees it's not getting her any attention - she stops!

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Ignore it and divert attention. My son has tantrums as well and I find that if I ignore it, only saying that I don/t like his behaviour, and then distract him, it seems to work ok. I try and only ever use a tap when he is doing something dangerous and I have asked him numerous times not to do it

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I asked my son's doctor about it b/c he's been having tantrums, too, and she said to just let him throw his fit on the floor where he's safe or to pick him up and hold him while he's doing it. She said tantrums are very normal and their way to express themselves since they lack communication skills at this point and also to exert their independence.

Hang in there!!! It's hard. I had a very rough morning where I held my son and cried w/ him!!

Chantal - posted on 08/26/2010




From what I've read this is totally normal behaviour for a toddler. My son has bouts of this as well. They are trying to assert their independence. Yelling and such reactions will only make them more angry. The best thing to do is distract, distract, distract. Remove them from the situation.. different room, outside. Luckily their attention spans are short so the distraction method works well. Stay calm, breathe and breathe some more.

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