How much baby food should a 7.5 month be getting in a day?

Luann - posted on 04/14/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My daughter is about 7.5 months now, she only started the baby food at 6 months, per the pediatrician. She is getting baby food 3 times a day, cereal in the morning, a fruit or veggi for lunch, and a fruit or veggi sometimes with some cereal for dinner. We just got through all of the stage 1 foods and I am thinking about moving to the stage 2 foods. How many times a day should she get the cereal? Should we be giving her more or less food.

Sometimes she eats so much food, then she doesn't want the bottle or ends up spitting most of the bottle up. Any advice is appreciated.


LISA - posted on 04/16/2010




My son is 8.5 months old and we started cereal at 3 months, but now he has 3-4 tablespoons of cereal mixed with formula and pears for breakfast and a what's left of an 8oz bottle after mixing his cereal up, 1/2 a jar of fruit and 1/2 a jar of veggies and a whole jar of meat and a 6 oz bottle for lunch and dinner, and 4oz of juice and cheerios for an afternoon snack after his nap. He's a good eater and enjoys his food!

Tamara - posted on 04/16/2010




I like the Nestle chart as gerber nenu planner. Mine eats 6oz btl in am with a jar of fruit and 2tbls of rice mixed in there. Lunch is 6 oz btl, jar of veggie with 1 tbls rice mixed in, afternoon snack is 7 oz btl and BABY MUM MUM, dinner is 1 jar of meat/veggie blend or veggie/bean blend and 1 tbls of rice. Before bed is a 7 -8oz bottle

Zoey - posted on 04/18/2010




my boy is 8 months old tomorrow he has 6-7oz botte and porridge for breakie 6-7oz bottle for dinner with 1/2 jar of stage 2 baby food 6-7oz and 1/2 jar of food for tea and 8oz bottle before bed,he has juice and organix cheesy puffs and rice cakes for inbetween snacks,but he doesnt eat a masive portion of food i just think every baby is different and they will let you know when they want more food etc my friends 7 month old still wont eat food so just shows how different each individual is


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Jamiebilderback - posted on 03/26/2014




My 7.5 month old has breast milk when he wakes up and I give him 2nd stage fruits and veggies for breakfast breast feed him before his nap when he wakes up I give him a gerber cookie with some gerber yogurt melts with a 2oz. Bottle of water then he breastfeeds again and right before his bath I give him some 2n stage meats and breast feed him to sleep. They should always get more formula/breast milk than snacks or food at this age. If they aren't talk to your dr or cut back on the other food. My son doesn't care for the rice or oatmeal cereal but his pediatrician said that's okay because he's a breastfed baby.

Kim - posted on 04/16/2010




I read in a baby food book something quite interesting. If your baby is leaving more than 60ml (2oz) of his daily milk requirements (as per the baby clinic), he is probably eating too many solids. At this stage, it was written, milk is still more important than the experimentation of solids. I'm continually giving him more and more solids, but keep watching the milk intake as my guide as to whether he's had too much.

Rebecca - posted on 04/16/2010




My son will be 8 mths on the 25th and he eats cereal of a morning. A piece of cheese or something around 10, then yogurt at 11:30 and then dinner. We cook his meals so I have no idea how much he actually eats anymore. Last time I seen a health nurse she wanted him eating 3 meals a day and half a jar (big one). He started eating solids around 4 mths old and still doesn't really like it much

Stephanie - posted on 04/16/2010




I have this nifty feeding chart from Nestle that goes from birth to 12 months +. I use it as a general guideline and then alter it based on my little one. I'll list some of the 8-9 months just to give you an idea: 24-32oz./day formula or breastmilk, 2-4 tbsp 2x/day of cereal, 1-3 tbsp/day meat or protein alternative, fruit 2-4 tbsp 3x/day, veggies 2-3 tbsp 2x/day. All meat, fruits, and veggies beginning at pureed to finely chopped or minced.

My daughter is 8.5 months old, she started cereal at 3.5 months and then fruits at 5 months and she has been through most of the stage 2s and 3s. She weighs 19lbs so she tends to eat at the lower end of the amounts. She has 4 bottles a day (approx. 6-7oz.) and she has a fruit meal and a veggie meal everyday, both mixed with cereal, and meat every other day. And a rice cookie as an occasional snack. Hopefully this helps a bit. :)

Jessica - posted on 04/16/2010




My son just turned 8 months old and i agree every child is different My son gets a jar of stage 2 ceral in the morning with maybe a 4 oz bottle BUT he never takes more then and ouce of it if that much he then get a jar of meat and a jar of veggies (stage 1) at lunch with a 4 ounce bottle of juice which again he only will drink about 2-3 ozs of that. He then gets a 5 oz bottle og milk about 3-4 and then jar of veggies and a jar of fruit about 6-7pm along with a 6 ozs bottle of milk to help put him in bed. about an hour or 2 later. most of the time he will completly finish every jar some days he does spit up more than other but my attitude towards it is, if hes hungry im gonna feed him I wish you good luck!

Robyn - posted on 04/16/2010




I guess all babies are different, and you will have many advises.

I started cereal at 6.5 months due to the intake of formula. My son is just coming up to 8 months next week and he gets cereal in the morning ( a good bit) with a minigo yourgurt (immuni+ with probiotics) it's great for digestive system - with a 61/2-7oz formula bottle for his nap, a 1/2 jar of fruit and veggie for lunch and dinner with the same amount of formula for naps and bedtime bottle. He will get milk and water throughout the day of he is thursty, with sometimes a cookie before his bathtime. I still however make formula his "main" meal, if that drops in oz. I cut back the food.

Due to weight problems in our family, I have chosen not to start meats until the summer. So he will get a celery stock or half of an apple to "chew" on while he's teething. He does not get through it, but it's nice on the gums. I have also chosen to go all organic jars and homemade foods. He is on stage 2 and 3.

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Well, mine is a little different than yours. My son is 8.5 months and was introduced to rice cereal at 7mo and jar food and 7.5mo. He only eats 1/2 jar of fruit with cereal for texture for lunch and 1/2 jar of veggies with cereal for dinner. I also offer him a 4oz bottle at each feeding, but he will only eat 2-3oz of it. He also gets breastfed throughout the day for "snacks" and also likes to eat puffs. I just started him on the 2nd stage foods and he seems to like it. I also just started to introduce real solids, but he is still trying to get the hang of mashing food with his jaw.

My advice is that you should just do what your gut tells you. If you think she is getting too much, cut down. She will let you know if she is still hungry. Also, if she is spitting up and you still want her to have a bottle, give it to her first and then the food or in the middle of the mealtime. That way she won't be too full for her milk. As for the cereal, I only use it to thicken the baby food so he is only getting about a Tablespoon per feeding. I think that cereal is just filler and I want my son to get the nutrition from the fruit and veggies.

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