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We took our daughter to the pediatrician yesterday and she said we are not giving her enough tummy time. We have very limited floor space and she dreads doing it so much that I need help! Does any one have any suggestions on how to make tummy time easier and more fun. Also any suggestions with helping them learn to roll over? She has pretty good neck control but the dr. said she should be doing that already. Any tips and help are appreciated.


Brittany - posted on 12/19/2009




my daughter hates tummy time....try placing her on her tummy on top of ur tummy i have been doing that wit my daughter for a long time and she loves it. she also loves tummy time with me on the bed, its soft higher up (my daughter is nosy). try also getting 1 of those play mat gyms (they have ones for tummy time) from babies r us or walmart. is soft and has bright colors and toy to play with them with.
Gud luck... she will get use to it.

Blackwood - posted on 12/20/2009




If you are lacking space, put her in her crib, dangle a toy over her so she can strenghen her neck. You can also you a breast feeding pillow and put her it under her armpits and dangle a toy.

Lara - posted on 12/20/2009




I've found my son likes tummy time a whole lot more when he has no clothes, or no nappy on! Ive had other mums say to me their babies are the same. So just before bath time I give him tummy time, and again when he gets out of the bath. I do it on the bed too, as it is softer and up higher for them to see. During the day I put him on my tummy - he likes that as he is looking right at my face. You can also give them tummy time by putting them on a Swiss ball - then you can roll them around gently. My son doesnt roll yet either, but to help encourage him when I am changing his nappy I rock his legs back and forth. Just do what you can, she will get there! :-)

Rebecca - posted on 12/19/2009




My son HATED tummy time at first, and now he only kind of tolerates it. I made him one of those no-sew fleece blankets and he lays on that and talks to the animals printed on it now. We also lay down with him and play. He loves staring at himself in a mirror, so if you can, try putting her near a floor-length mirror (one she can't pull on herself - like a mirrored closet door or something securely attached to the wall) or getting an unbreakable baby-safe mirror and putting it where she can lift her head and look at her reflection. Also, all babies learn things at different times, so don't fret. One day you'll have her on the floor and she'll surprise you both by turning over!

Kirsty - posted on 12/19/2009




I am kinda glad that my daughter isn't alone with this. I have slowly gotten her more and more into being able to tolerate time on her stomach, but is yet to roll over. I was worried my girl wouldnt learn to grab items with her hands because she just wouldnt do it. So I spent an afternoon with stuff over her as she layed down and helped her to learn that she could hit and grab items. There is also exercises you can do with them while they are on their tummy to learn how to roll over. I cannot remeber it off the top of my head but Huggies' baby webpage has a bunch of activities you can do with your 3 month old. which is where the exercises are.


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Catherine - posted on 12/19/2009




she'll roll over soon. dont fret. get a flashing musical toy she can look at on her tummy

Deidre - posted on 12/19/2009




I put a whole bunch of blankets and the floor and get down with her, also she likes laying on the bed its much softer just make sure you are with her the whole time she is laying on bed you never know she could figure out how to roll right off or get tired and put her face down in the blanket and not put her head back up. My daughter doesnt like tummy time either just keep doing couple times a day even if its just for a min. eventually she will like it, also put toys out that catches her attention that could also help. Hopes this helps, good luck!

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