Little pig?

Shelly - posted on 01/17/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 23 weeks old and wants to eat ALL the time. We have to get up around 5:30 in the morning so he has a 4 oz bottle around 6 then around 9 he eats cereal and a fruit. Then he has a 5oz bottle around 11:30 and then again around 2:00. I give him a jar of veggies around and then he wants to eat what we are eating at dinner time. So depending on what we are eating I will give him some of ours smashed up or another jar of veggies then he has a bottle around 9 and sleep til 5:30 or 6. I know all babies are diff but mine seems like such a little pig and I don't want to over fee him


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Jamie - posted on 01/19/2010




You could always try just offering more of a bottle at the feedings...Prob his 'last/bedtime' bottle, with the intention of his belly being full before bed-so he can go longer before he wakes. If you offer him just an ounce or so more with his bottles that might help to make his little tummy fuller, and hopefully for longer also.

Have you tried speaking with his pediatrician? She/he might have some helpful tips for you to try....But my only real suggestion would be to try offering a little more at each bottle feeding. My daughter used to be a continual eater (with a bottle) also...I started offering a little more..only as much as her tummy could handle...and she got to the point where she could go up to 3.5-4 hours between her bottles.

Good luck...Hope this helps : )

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My daughter is 24 weeks old. She also eats alot right now. it is just a growth spirt. It will come and go as the baby gets older.

Nicole - posted on 01/17/2010




My son turns 5 months next week. I usually just stick him on the boob - he wants it every 2 hours or so. I give him cereal once or twice a day and have started him on fruit (0-5 chunks a day). For awhile he was sleeping 8 to 10 hours through the night and was starved when he woke. But lately he has taken to waking up 1 or 2 times a night to eat. So yeah, I feel like he eats a ton too.

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