Major Development delays

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My son is 16 months old and has no desire to sit, crawl or even find his feet. He is working with every medical professional at our children's hospital and so far no one seems to know what is wrong with him. Has anyone else encountered this?


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Joy - posted on 01/12/2011




hi Laura , my son has just turned17 months and is doing fine at some things and taking his time at others , we live in Ireland so his next assesment is in 1 month , i know over here they tell parents not to be concerned about such things until the child reaches 2 and plus boys have a tendancey to take their time unlike girls . May i suggest taking him to a toddler group as Sean began to copy the other children .Hope everything goes well for you

Erica - posted on 01/12/2011




My son was born 13 weeks premature and is blessed to not have any development delays but I worked with the local educational service center as well (I live in Ohio) with what they call the "Help Me Grow" and "early intervention" programs. They have therapist (speech, physical) LISW's and caseworkers come to the home and do monthly activities. Google you local educational service center (Its typically based by county so type in "your county name" educational service center. I hope this helps!

Angela - posted on 01/11/2011




i havent encountered it myself but have takin classes. Contact your local AEA (area education agency) I live in iowa and the AEA has a success by six program. a licenced theropist will come out to evaluate and then they will provide free physical theropy for the child. not a cure but everything you do can only help. sometimes they just have to learn in a different way and the physical theropists are equiped to deal with these situations. good luck and hope you find some answers soon.

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