Mishaped Head - use of a helmet vs craniosacral therapy??????? Help

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Hi - my son is 6 months and has a slightly flattened left side to his head. After some Physio they are now recommending the use of a helmet for 3 months. We ahve also researched a little on Craniosacral therapy but do not know anyone who has used either.

Any feedback would be wonderful and would help us be more confident with our decision


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Tracy - posted on 04/10/2010




I know a few children that had to wear a helmet due to some flattening. I know the parents said initially it bothered the child and took a few days to weeks to get used to it, but once they did all went well. I've never heard of the craniosacral therapy or know of anyone that has tried it to give a valid opinion.

Diana - posted on 04/09/2010




Our son is 7 1/2 mo and just got his cranial band this week due to plagiocephaly - he also has torticollis which he receives physical therapy for. So far so good with the band though - he is waking up in the middle of the night (approx 2-3x), but its hard to tell if its from the band or because he just got over a cold and was waking several times a night anyway. During waking hours he doesn't seem to mind it at all, but sometimes we see him try to scratch his head but other than that he seems to just act normally. He has to wear it for 3 to 4mo, and its definitely been hard on us as parents, seeing your beautiful child with this contraption on his head, but we know time will fly by, its for the best, and we are beginning to decorate it with paint and decals. Its a tough and expensive decision - good luck!

Courtney - posted on 04/08/2010




my daughter has had to have surgery to correct hers. She seemed to be outgrowing her helmet. her helmet made her glaucoma worse it added more pressure then she nedded. She hated wearing the helmet.

Priscilla - posted on 03/15/2010




hey my son was born with sagittal craniosyntosis they were gonna cut his head open and do surgery but the xray showed everythig was going good. my son is 7 months

Amy - posted on 03/15/2010




Hi there...my son has that problem and we got his helmet last week....I am not going to lie for us it is horrible and he absolutly hates it....he screams the whole time it is on until we take it off so tomorrow he goes to have his 1 week follow up appt and she will be mad because we have not had it on him like we should....what to do when he cries until he makes himself sick!!! my husband and I feel like we have done the wrong thing and don't know what to do......but his head is flat on one side in the back and his right eye is slightly set back further than the other and the helmet is supposed to help with that...we did not even notice the eye...the physical therapist had to point it out to us...what to do what to do???????????? i need just as much help as you!!!!!!!!

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