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Alicia - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I breastfed my son up until about 10 days ago and he takes bottles during the day and (i pump) he still nurses at night. I'm kinda afraid to stop completely because i cant get him to sleep any other way. I have tried letting him cry and 15 minutes.. is pretty much all i can handle... and it doesnt work, hes a trooper... he doesnt take a pacifier and he naps in either a swing or in the carseat during the day. yesterday i gave him a bottle on the floor and he fell asleep and napped for like 2hours and i was so relieved thinking it was gonna be that easy... wrong answer... lol anyone have any suggestions id appreciate it.. (yes i know ive created a bad habit .. but im trying to fix it)


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really because he's older your best bet is to go away for the weekend and leave him with someone you trust. if you try and give him the bottle he won't take it because he knows your boobs are right there.

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