Problems at the Doctors Office

Stephanie - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




We recently switched pediatrician's because we moved to another state and I love our new pediatrician our problem is my daughter doesn't...she doesn't even have to touch her, just walk into the room and she instantly screams to the point she will stop breathing, and it's happened about 4 times now, we believe the problem is our new doctor is black and very dark, our daughter doesn't see people this dark often as there aren't many where we live, and i hate that she does this (because it's not just the doctor, she does it in public also), and i'm also curious as to why she gets so worked up, has anyone else has had this problem & any ideas on how to stop her from throwing such a fit, and if it continues should i try and find another pediatrician so i'm not putting my daughter through screaming fits every doctor visit.


Sunny - posted on 05/22/2010




My daughter has had a little exposure to darker skinned people, mostly cause we enjoy walking malls and such where we live. I have a few friends that are dark and when they talk to her, she just stares and stares with a confused look on her face. They ask why, and of course I'm honest "you look different to her than me or her daddy, so she's trying to figure out WHY!". Apparently my husband asked a dark skinned man when he was two why he was a different color than himself. Yeah, that didn't go well, but it shows even as toddlers they don't quite understand differences in people, whether it be racial or religious or anything else.

Jess - posted on 05/22/2010




We had a situation recently like this My partner was waiting downstairs in the foyer of the building I work in. And a work friend approached him with another lady who was black and very dark and my daughter didn't cry but she pulled away and didn't like it when this lady tried to touch her. She clung onto my partner for dear life and made this awful face at this kind but dark stranger.

She is fine with other strangers just not dark skinned people. I have no idea why, we certainly arn't racist and she hasn't learnt the response from us. But like your situation, our daughter hasn't had that exposure to dark skinned people. I guess they will grow our of it eventually. I wonder if dark babies have the same response to random white people ?


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Sarah - posted on 05/21/2010




It might be just the way she is handling new situations, especially since you just moved. My 9 month old is starting to not like people he doesn't recognize either. Around this age, they start to realize that they are a separate person from their parents and it can be difficult. I would guess that she will grow out of it. My 3 year old used to freak out when he saw men with beards, it can be embarrassing, but he did finally grow out of it.

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