Scared to pee in toilet?

Lindsay - posted on 03/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Alright so we started full on potty training DD this weekend. She is 31 months, and with #2 on the way I would like her at least day trained by the time he comes along in May. She is only wearing underwear throughout the day. Diaper at nap and bedtime.

The first day we had about 6 accidents. The first few were me trying to time how long she is going between having to go. We are around 45-50 minutes. I set a timer for just under this time to give her enough time to get settled on the potty. Once I got this established she would sit on the potty after the timer went off, say she was done although noting happened and after being off for two minutes would have an accident. So I extended the time by a few minutes and the same thing happened.

Yesterday, day two, she only had two accidents. This is because she held it all day! I would still sit her on the toilet every 45 minutes or so. She would be there for 3-5 minutes say she was done. When I let her off she did not have any accidents but kept standing and holding herself like she had to do. So I tried to distract her while sitting on the toilet, playing a game with her, reading a book, coloring, even letting her empty a box of change into a change jar, thinking if she was distracted she would relax and go in the toilet. Not so much! Come bed time she was still dry ( 6 hours from last accident) and complaining of a stomach ache. She had not had a BM Sat or Sun, due to her holding it in. I put a diaper on her for bed and she went to sleep, a couple hours later when I went to bed I checked on her. She had finally gone poo and pee, I changed her diaper and she fell back to sleep.

This morning she woke up dry, ate breakfast and stayed dry. After breakfast I sat her on the potty to see if she would go, after 10 minutes of whining and crying that her tummy hurt she finally let it out. I was sitting there holding her reading a book, trying to distract her and get her to relax. She stayed dry for two hours, up until lunch time when we tried again. Even though I had asked multiple times if she needed to go and a couple bouts of sitting on the toilet with nothing happening. I put her down for a nap and she woke up dry. We had to run a quick errand and she stayed dry for this. Now we are at a total of 4 hours dry. When I set her on the toilet she is whining, complaining of a stomach ache. I know she needs to go, but she won't relax and do it.

We rewarded with a piece of candy each time she successfully went in the toilet and did lots of hugs kisses, high fives and claps. She understands what needs to be done, constantly telling me that she needs to put the pee pee and poo poo in the potty, she just won't.

I feel she is scared to go on the toilet. I'm sure this is normal in the beginning. Is it normal to this extent? Is she just not ready and I need to back off for a few days and re-attack or should I keep with it. I don't want her to give herself a UTI or other issue trying to hold it too long just because she is scared.


Chelsea - posted on 03/06/2012




mines 2 1/2 we started at 2, i have her in training diapers, because her thing is, go potty!!! wait no.. you told us afffter you went already. even after we keep asking if she has to go every 30 min or so. lol. at the beginning, she didn't want anything to do with the baby potty, she wanted a seat of her own on the toilet. and she wouldnt use the master toilet because she say ' NO NONO MOMMYS TOILET!! not baby's!" she's have it no other way. When we have her on "her " toilet, she would sit there... nothing.. nothing.. then she say, all done!... we'd say.. noooOO... stay.. she'd get mad.. blah blah.. but i knew it was around #2 time. so instead i would give her a book, she loves books.. and heck.. i read on the pot to, so like mother like daughter i thought. and i left her by herself, me in the hallway or close by kitchen, she's safe. and because i got that from a magazine as well.. they said they want their own potty time, just like you do.. and sure enough, unless she pulls her, i've already gone potty thing, she ends up going. reading is what she likes, not that she can read really, but pictures are fun you know. and thats something that she relaxes with daily so why not on the potty! good luck!

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