Stressed about 9.5-month old's eating habbits

Melissa - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I was hoping that someone can help me or if someone is experiencing the same as me.

My baby boy (now 9.5-months born on 4 August 2009) only has 2 teeth and absolutely HATES solid foods. I am really getting stressed out!!! The minute the food has a bit of texture he keeps on "gagging" until he brings up all his food for example I tried to feed him pasta, slightly mashed veggies (softly boiled but with some texture left), toast, oats, etc but he does not like it at all and I am really stressing that he is not getting enough nutrition.

I feed him in the morning’s cereal (different flavors), afternoons I feed him fruit, veggies or egg and then at night I feed him porridge as his does not like pasta and the other "solids" I mentioned. Please HELP


Elissa - posted on 05/23/2010




firstly is he breast or bottle fed? Breast fed babies tend to be better with solids for 2 reasons, the flavour of their milk changes every day and their jaws are better developed. Formula fed babies only get the same flavour at every meal so are more reluctant to try things that are new and their jaws arent so well developed.

The advice to liquidise everything comes from when babies were weaned at 3 months because they cant cope with solids at this point. Milk - whether breast or formula - is still the number 1 source of nutrition til a year so try giving him colourful finger foods to play with and plenty of time to play with them. There is no real need for additional food nutritionally til a year and a good fortified cereal in the morning would mnake up any difference any way.

If you stress about what he eats, he will stress and dinner time will become stressful instead of fun. Just relax and let him explore different foods till he feels ready to eat them - it can take up to 15 tries of a food for a baby to decide about it anyway. Have a look at baby-led weaning information and try to make mealtimes fun. Good luck.


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Megan - posted on 05/25/2010




I totally wouldn't stress about him not eating true solid grown up foods, he's not ready. Stick with the purees for now and he'll be fine.

Xiomara - posted on 05/25/2010




im having the same problem with my son!! as soon as he see the food he turns his head away.. he only has to teeth too lol..i tried feeding him eggs and he refuses it..he seems interested in eating more when he sees me eat and sometimes he takes bits of that..he still eat stage 2 puree (only sweet potateo and mango)..he does love tho olives and cookie :/

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I'd read one book saying babies get confused by lumpier stuff and to give smooth food followed by fingerfood.
I don't personally do that (am trying to make my daughter's lumpier and do finger food) but it may work for you?

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My son is almost the opposite. He prefers to feed himself finger foods. If I put a dap of the baby food on a gerber puff, for example, he'll eat it fine. He just doesn't like being spoon-fed. He'd rather do it himself. Do you put the pasta or whatever the textured food is on the high chair tray and let him feed himself? Maybe if he has more control of the food, he might not feel the need to gag. Try something like a Baby Mum Mum rusk (I can only find them at Wal-Mart) because he can hold the whole thing in his hand if he hasn't mastered the technique to grab with his fingers yet and it dissolves! It's almost like a chew toy that he can eat, if you look at it that way. That's how I started my baby on finger foods and he's a champ now!

Good luck and keep at it, but don't get too frustrated. He'll get it on his own time.

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My daughter is 41 weeks now and what i did with her is that i started feeding her solids when she was 4 months to make her get used to the texture of food,, and it worked like magic,, she eats everything now.. You dont need to panic,try and set him down with you during all your meals,, let him watch you eat and try to give him small peaces of your food,,slowly he will accept it when he is ready. hope that works and good luck

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my son goes through phases where he does the same thing.. i think it may be the texture.. if its slightly "grainy" he will gag and sometimes throw up.. but i'm hoping he gets used to it.. he handles purees no problem (not that he likes them all the time, ie: veggies), and then he also likes more solid things that he can chew (ie: toast, cheese).. its almost as if, he doesnt like the 'in between' phase???

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My baby boy is 9 months too and he won't eat any thing I try and feed him with a spoon - he will only eat finger food. Up until a year feeding your child solids is just for practice and fun - as all the other mums have said all their nutrition still comes from their milk.
Good luck :)

Emily - posted on 05/21/2010




No need to stress about it. At this age their main nutrition should still come from breastmilk/formula. Just keep offering, but don't worry about the amount he's taking. Let him go at his own pace. He won't starve himself.

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Have you tried using a food processor or blender to liquify his food? ALOT of babies cannot swallow chunks this early (I can't imagine having to eat things with no teeth lol). My son's doc said it's best to blend his food until runny so he at least gets it in him and gains weight and gets the nutrients. He can learn to "chew" or Mush things later on

Hope this helps!

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