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- rub baby’s gums with a clean finger or cool wash cloth

- give baby something cool and soft to chew like a teething ring from the refrigerator, for example

- give baby a bottle of cool water

- if baby is very cranky or has a fever, acetaminophen (such as Children’s Tylenol, for example) will help

- give baby a teething biscuit

- give baby frozen ice chips with parental supervision

- try a frozen wash cloth

- give baby a frozen banana with parental supervision

- a cold apple wedge wrapped in an infant sized wash cloth will give baby an incentive to bite down and work the teeth through when they taste the sweetness of the fruit

- over the counter teething gels containing benzocaine (use a last resort)

Remember, if your child sleeps for five hours or more in one stretch they are not likely in a lot of pain due to teething. A good habit to get in to as soon as baby gets home from the hospital is to clean bacteria off their gums after each feeding. This will help them adjust to gum massages when teething begins and will prevent early tooth decay in tooth buds developing below the gum surface.

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