Tossing, turning, getting stuck between crib bars!

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I put my 5 month old son to sleep every night on his back, in the center of his crib. Every night, he ends up inching himself to the top of the crib, or the side of the crib, right up against the bars. His arm keeps getting stuck in the bars. He moves so much in his sleep, sometimes he ends up on his tummy and I have to go in and turn him back around, and then re-center him in his crib. I was using a sleep positioner for a while, however he seems to be outgrowing it (and I also heard they were unsafe once they start moving this much.) I have bumpers, but removed them, since I don't want him to suffocate (since he ends up pressed right up against the bars so much.)

Does anyone elses baby do this? I am just worried he is going to get stuck in an unsafe position!


Mary - posted on 02/06/2010




Does it wake him up when his arm gets stuck? If not I wouldn't worry about it. If so you could get a breathable bumper which will keep his arms from going through but wont pose a suffacation risk. Putting them to sleep on their backs is most important when they can't roll over themselves because they can get stuck face down, but once they are rolling they're going to sleep how they sleep and if he can't breath and there is nothing to restrict him from moving like a pillow or bumper he will roll back over if he needs to. You should still put him down on his back but it's fine if he rolls over onto his tummy on his own.


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Hannah - posted on 02/12/2010




Yes, my 6 1/2 month old daughter does this too. So far she hasn't gotten herself into an uncomfortable position during the night and provided the room is warm enough and she's dressed warmly enough, she doesn't get too cold when she moves from under the bedding. I do sometimes have to get up in the night and put her back under the bedding if the night has become cooler and I hear her start to toss and turn and whimper.
I wouldn't worry about it really. Just get up and check on him if he is making unhappy sounds in the night.

Tomi - posted on 02/08/2010




My son is doing the same thing. I took my his bumper off of his crib because I was so scared he was going to suffocate because he pulls it down on his face. He rolls around and ends up on the other end turned completely around some nights. I have gotten three blankets and rolled them and put one on the top and one on each side of him. It seems to help. At least that way he can't get to the bars and get stuck. He still has room to go from his back to his belly and it's worked for me for the past two or three months.

Hope it helps.

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