wheening not going well at all.....HELP!?!

Mindy - posted on 11/07/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi, my daughter is 15 months old and I am trying to wheen her b/c I am ready to be nursing. It has been great, but I am exhausted. She is not the best sleeper and still wakes up several times at night to nurse. I have tried giving her a sippy and telling her, "all done" and she just screams until she gets the boob. We also co-sleep with her. She goes to sleep on her own, but than usally comes in to our bed and stays in there. I need some suggestions about wheening.....I am trying to just give her cows milk in sippy during day, but now I want to stop nursing all together and night wheening is not going well......HELP PLEASE~


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Katie - posted on 11/23/2010




i weaned my son on to bottles at 6 mths before weening him off milk completly. it does take time and you have to be consistant, i no its not nice but you have to let them cry and leave them otherwise they will expect you to come to their aid everytime they cry. try the tommee tepee bottles as the teet on them are made just like your boob. the fact that she is still waking up in the night is strange for me to hear but then fortunatly my son was good when it came to sleep, all i did was put him to bed at the same time every night and made sure that i gave him 'chill time' before i toke him up, i just sat him up with me and cuddled him for about 10-15 minutes away from his toys and all the excitment and then put him to bed and by the time he got up there he was all sleepy and ready to go to sleep, i never put him to sleep downstairs and then toke him up as he needed to get use to the fact that he had to fall asleep on his own. i hope this helps a bit

Rebecca - posted on 11/17/2010




I am going to watch this. When it came to night time feeding. My Dh and I decided to move bub into his own room (as recommented) and DH started waking up to him. That way they can't smell us and it didn't take that long. But that wrong for us

Krys - posted on 11/12/2010




I just weaned my 14 month old from the bottle 3 days ago. I wasnt able to breastfeed, but I dont see how it would be any different from the boob. Id stop offering the boob altogether in the day and just do nights for about a week.Once you make that transition you may just need to let her cry it out. As long as she is getting enough nutrition during the day she doesnt need the night feeding, she just wants it. We had 2 days of crying until he just realized he wasnt getting it anymore and stopped. Since then we have went on what I call "Sippy cup strike!" meaning he wont take anything from a sippy cup and wants me to help him drink from a regular cup. This is tedious and sometimes messy but at least hes getting his liquids. It can be hard to hear them cry in the middle of the night but as long as shes getting a balanced diet in the middle of the night SHE IS NOT STARVING!! It took me a night to figure this out too. Good luck!!

Jessica - posted on 11/11/2010




it does take a while to wean. It took a month to wean my 1 year old. I gradually decreased the feedings during the day until it was just in the morning and before bed. Then I got rid of the morning feeding and then the bedtime one last. Try different sippy cups. I had many kinds so my daughter could pick the one she preferred.
It just takes time and baby will get used to it. IT's hard, but stick to it and she will wean.

Amy - posted on 11/09/2010




keep her out of your bed is my first sugestion your confusing her may be if you just keep her in her own bed get up to nurse her and then let her go back to sleep on her own she will evently ween. I am not an expert but they stier when sleeping and if she is going back to sleep on the boob then she is going to wake up and want the comfort again to go back. If she wakes up get her nurse brush teeth/gums put her back down. Then after a week try not going to get her and see if she will just go back to sleep on own with out a feeding.

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