When, what and how much does your 7 month old eat?


LaJessica - posted on 03/27/2010




hi mommies!!! mii princess is 7mnths...she eats any & evrythng she is good with wuteva ii gve her she has 2 teeth so dat helps she is completely off of bottles so she has a 5oz sippy cup dat we both absolutely love she loved it da moment ii gave it 2 her!!! :) she also eats wuteva ii eat & ii give her baby food evry otha day r so 2 ensure she gets da right fruits & veggies!! she isnt on a schedule tho...she eats as often as she likes r as often as ii do whicheva is best 4 her..she lovees food!!! so ii agree wit most of the ladies u hav 2 do wutz best 4 ur baby no1 can tell u how much r how little 2 feed ur child bcuz all babies r diff keep dat n mind..it has been made very clear as we read evry1s schedules so u hav 2 try thngs 2 c wutz best..but if u wanna listen 2 doctors it would b helpful 2 listen @ wut the best fruits & veggies r.......its up 2 u..good luck

Jasmine - posted on 03/26/2010




6:30 wakes up 6 ounces of formula then back to bed

8:00 wakes up for day

10:00 4tbs rice ceral with a half jar of fruits mixed in with it, then the rest of jar./

10:30 nap 3 ounces of formula

1:30/2 Lunch 1 full jar of veggies half jar of fruits

2:00 nap 3 ounces of formula

5:00 6 ounces of formula

7/7:30 supper 1 jar of vegie/meat mix, half jar of fruits, somtimes half jar of dessert

8/8:30 bedtime 6 ounce of formula

Kelli - posted on 03/24/2010




the doctor we have now for our daughter told us not to start meat until the 1st year. We just recently moved to south carolina.. Our doctor back in Texas told us to start cereal at 4 months. my daughter loves it.. We do cereal with a 6 oz bottle in the mornings. Then for lunch we do half a jar of veggies and a 8 oz bottle.. and later that day i will give her just a 6 oz bottle.. then for supper we do half a jar of veggies, half a jar of fruit and a 8 oz bottle.. She will get 4 to 5 bottles a day.. depending on how much she eats. she will throw up a lot if i give her any more than that.. we tried doing cereal and veggies for lunch but she was constantly spitting up.. so i stopped giving her the cereal.

Melissa - posted on 03/22/2010




My little guy is eating cereal twice a day plus fruit (mixed into the cereal) and bottles 5 times a day. We are not on a set schedule yet so I can not tell you for certain how much formula he is eating. Seems like it changes every day! My pediatrician made me wait until he was 6 months for cereal and 7 months for fruit. Are you in a similar situation?


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Lisa - posted on 03/29/2010




6:30-7:30 5 oz formula bottle
8:30-9:00 Breakfast- 3 tbls. oatmeal w/2 oz of formula and some fruit mixed in. Juice in a sippy cup
11;30-12;30 Lunch- 1/2 jar of orange veggie, 1/2 jar of green veggie, 1/2 jar of a fruit Juice/water in a sippy cup
2-2:30 6 oz formula bottle
4-5 snack- cookie or yogurt Juice/water in a sippy cup
6:30 Dinner- 1/2 jar orange veggie, 1/2 jar green veggie 1/2 jar fruit- juice/water in a sippy cup
8:30 7 oz cereal bottle

[deleted account]

oh good! I thought we were behind on solid foods! we started veggies before fruit as not to give her an early sweet tooth (like mom and dad have!)we havent gotten to the fruits yet, but she has liked everything so far, making fabulaous "yum-yum" noises when eating with much gusto! Baby River has a bottle on waking, a meal of 1 jar veggies, 1 tbs cereal, and a little formula at about 10. later in the afternnon, another food meal, then maybe another. Someitmes just cereal and formula. we try not to give her too much solids before bed, so a bottle is always last meal of day. Her pooping habits changing. we need to give her more water so she can pass more solid stools. She's gotten diaper rash for the first time. I hope she toilet trains early. if early diapers were messier, these are grosser!!!!

Tanya - posted on 03/27/2010




my son nurses 3 times a day, takes pumped milk 3 times a day while i;m at work (about 18 oz) and takes food once a day - usually a fruit or veggie. just started on oatmeal today

Keshia - posted on 03/26/2010




he has 6oz when he first wake sup then fruits and 6oz at 11 or 12 then juice or 6oz and oatmeal (he wont eat rice cereal) at 2 or 3 then 6 oz and a veggie at 5 or 6 then 6 oz before bed at about 8:30

[deleted account]

my 7 month old has a 6oz bottle and cereal at 7:30/8
lunch at 12 - savoury and pudding with a drink of water
bottle at 2 - 6oz
dinner at 4 - savoury and pudding with a drink of water
bath and 8oz bottle at 7:30/8
I then put her in the cot awake and she always sleeps right through.
I have 2 other children so my LO has basically followed the routine i have with them. She is a gr8 wee eater and doesn't refuse much. I also offer her toast, sandwiches, omlette, basically anything we are eating that I think she will manage, she doesn't refuse much.

Nikki - posted on 03/25/2010




my daughter is nearly 8 months, and is on full solids. She has whatever we eat. I get everything with reduced salt. She has toast for breakfast or ready break. Lunch, sandwich baby crisps youghut, fruit, buscuits, tea, whatever me, my partner and son are eating mashed up. She has been on solids since she was just under 3 months.. It all depend on the baby. She is on 2 8oz bottle of milk aday. One in the morning and one at night. the rest of the time jucie or water. My health visist told me yesterday that they should be on a full solid diet only having two bottles of milk aday by the time they are a year.. hope that helps

the times are

breakfast - between 7am and 9am

bottle 10am

lunch - between 12pm and 1pm

tea - 5pm

bottle 6.30pm

bed 7pm

if my daughter wakes in the night i give her water as the more milk i give her the more she wants. Touch wood she hasnt woken now for 3 months.

Sarah - posted on 03/25/2010




My girl was born mid August and has;
8-8:30 - half a weetabix with cows milk or fruit or baby cereal
9-9:30 - 7oz bottle formula
12-12:30 - jar of stage 2 baby food or equivalent amount of home cooked blended lasagna/fish pie etc and some fruit or baby biscuit
2 - 7oz bottle formula
5-5:30 - jar of stage 2 baby food or equivalent amount of home cooked blended etc (same as dinner
6:30 - 8 oz bottle
7pm bedtime
No milk at night as the more she had the more she wanted and i was up 2 or 3 times a night which im happy to do but it was followed by and hour of crying each time, once i stopped the midnight milk feeds and just offered water she bagan to sleep much better! Maybe my lo doesnt like sleeping with a tummy thats too full?! xx

Lakisha - posted on 03/25/2010




well my lil prince just started eating baby food so I havent got him a schedule yet, just playing around with the different times to see whats best for him. By all means open for suggestions..

Morgan - posted on 03/25/2010




My daughter was born August 5th and absolutely loves food!!! She gets 6oz bottle in the morning with whole wheat toast...for lunch she will have 1 jar of mixed veg or meat and veg with 1 jar of fruit with maybe a 3 oz bottle then mid day another full bottle and for supper she will have a bottle with small bits of what ever we have for supper....The other day I was sitting down eating pickles and cracker when she started to yell...so without hesitation I gave her a try of a pickle..SHE LOVED IT!! Of course there is limits but I do allow her to taste alot of things....I have no choice her dad at one time was a chef..lol

Sheila - posted on 03/25/2010




My little one just turned 7 months yesterday (24th) and he is enjoying it all. Usually, I will feed him one jar of baby food, each day being something different. He likes mixed vegetables the best, but like yesterday he had chicken and broccoli. Absolutely loved it! As for formula, he takes four ounces during the day and he has about 4-5 bottles, depending on what time it is. Hope this helps, and as far as what you're suppose to give them, I think as a mom you kind know when they're ready for certain things. Owen eats those popcorn puff things, don't much care for the baby puffs.

[deleted account]

My son eats half a jar of fruit for breakfast, half a jar of veggies for lunch and half a jar of the meats for dinner. He also usually has about 28-32 oz of formula in a 24 hour period and if i go out i give him a pack of the babyb mu mum crackers so he can feel like he's eating with me

Alice - posted on 03/25/2010




My son who was born start of august has baby cereal and fruit around 9am, he then has a mashed jar 200g at around 1 he has a milk feed mid afternoon of about 7oz has tea at 6pm which is what ever I have cooked say some meat potato and veg mashed, some fruit for pudding round 7.30-8pm and then a milk feed before bed at around 9pm. He also has water to drink with his meals and sometimes has wholemeal bread in between as he likes chewing this when he is teathing - nearly all four front teath through already!!

Kelli - posted on 03/25/2010




I agree with Michelle and think you should listen to your doctor, but follow your gut instinct. I have friends with babies who are younger than my daughter but eat more than she does. My daughter nurses 5-6 times per day and does solids 2-3 times per day. She does not love pureed foods but we can get her to do a little at each meal. I also give her some type of finger foods whether it is Cherrios, soft cooked veggies or fruits or mum mums. Most people freak out when I tell them she is 8 months and eating finger foods but that is what works so we make it work. No matter what, you have to do what works for you and your child. You will know if they are getting enough or not. Trust your instincts!!

Priyanka - posted on 03/25/2010




Kabir has an early morning milk feed at around 5 am...yes (no sleep for me!). After which he has rice cereal mixed with milk for breakfast between 9 and 10 am...then another milk feed around 11:45 am/noon followed by lunch around 1:30 which is usually home-made veggie puree...around 3:30 he has another milk feed (milk feeds are around 6 ozs) ...then he takes an afternoon nap...when he wakes up he has another solid session of fruit puree ( i tend to change it every other day so that there is a variation in taste...he loves fresh peaches so far and among the veggies he likes potatoes and green pees pureed together)....then he has another milk feed around 5:50 pm/6....around 8:8/30 he has fruit cereal mixed with milk and then around 11ish he has another milk feed before he goes off to sleep..kabir naps a lot during the day and sleeps a full 8 hours at night but will wake up twice during the night sometimes even now...but he will always wake up around 5 is for a milk feed...having said all of this sometimes the routine goes for a toss and he has one milk feed less because he is napping...i have also introduced water to him which he really likes...i've been reading a few books which says that one should progressively introduce more solid meals and chicken and meat around the 7 month period...i am still waiting to introduce chicken...maybe in a few days i will...will keep u ladies updated!

Michelle - posted on 03/24/2010




From what your posted, it sounds like a lot of food to me!
But that is coming from a mom of a baby that hardly eats anything "solid." She likes it a lot but so much of it hurts her tummy. The most important thing to remember for our babies at this age is that milk is the primary and most important nutrient for them!!! There is so SO much evidence in that. If your doc is telling you otherwise, I'd suggest asking further... Why? Formula is made to be given until 1 yr. Breastmilk is even better in that. All that to say, every baby and every mama is different. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with feeding baby more than milk and the basics. But if your mommy instinct is telling you somehting isn't right, then listen to it. :)

A good rule that we follow: Food before one is just for fun!

Hope that helps. Sorry I got off on a little tangent there... ;)

Allison - posted on 03/22/2010




Thanks for your reply Melissa.
Our Doctor told me to start cereal at 5.5 months, then 2 weeks later to add meat, (however I added vegetable as meat was hard on her belly) then 2 weeks later to add vegetable (which I added meat).
This was yesterday that she had started three meals a day, plus her baby mum mum snack and today when I gave her cereal she threw up! This is the first time she has ever done this and I am worried that its just too much food for her little belly? Also she is breastfed and feeds several times a day.

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