Worried about her Calcium!!

Nahla - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter (born Aug 31st) now has fruits with youghurt for breakfast, veggies with chicken for lunch and wheat cereals for dinner. She almost stopped breastfeeding & this is really worrying me... I don't know what i should do?! i try every 5 hours to breastfeed her but she would only stay for like 1 min and quickly get bored and want to play. Should i keep trying to breastfeed? what are other sources of calcium for her? Do i have to start her on formula?? help plzz


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Christina - posted on 05/08/2010




My daughter (born August 28th) has also almost stopped drinking milk. I stopped breast feeding about two months ago when she got her two teeth. I just pump now, but she only takes the milk about twice a day, and usually not more than a few ounces at a time. I talked to her doctor about it, and he said that it was fine because she had a well balanced diet. He said that she was getting enough of what she needed, but that If I was concerned that I could start her on whole milk. I feel like it is too soon for whole milk, but her doc said that because she eats everything that I eat (breakfast lunch and dinner) that her system can handle it. I still haven't started it, but I would recommend you speak to her Doctor if you are concerned.

Emily - posted on 05/03/2010




Yes, keep trying to breastfeed her. It is so good for her! I would try more often than every 5 hours though. My little girl is still nursing about every 2-3 hours. Remember milk should still be their main source of nutrition for the first year. If you stop breastfeeding, you should introduce formula in order to get all the nutrients. However, it's really, really rare for a baby this young to self-wean. It's possible she's become less interested because you're not offering enough, or because she's getting too many solids/other liquids. It's normal, though, for them to be fast nursers at this stage.

Rosa - posted on 05/03/2010




Hi Nahla,

I had a similar concern because my LO wan'ts drinking much of his formula but according to my ped he said that as long as he was eating the food groups I didn't have to worry so much.He was getting his calcium from other sources and our visit was just the other day.

Of course I still worry slightly( I can't help I'm a mommy,,it's my job lol).A month back I did switch to Good start 2 which has more calcium but the doc did say I could start giving him whole instead of formula as well.

I figure I am covered atleast if he is not drinking as much formula he is still getting more calcium I'm not really ready to give him whole milk just yet.

This is only my opinion if you are worried you should go chat with your doctor. it's best to get all your questions answered by a doctor. Hope this helps!

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