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To any of the Mum's here that have little one's that are starting to learn to talk, this is just abit of advice, it's up to you to read the following or not.

I have a 6 year old daughter, Stephanie and when she was starting to learn to talk, she was doing fine for her age, but then we had a bit of a set back where she just didn't have much to say. I took her to the Health Care Clinic nearby and they suggested afew things that might help.

Start asking some questions each day, like "How was your day?" Get your child to open up about their day, not just say, "It was good!" Ask them what they have been doing through the day, like if they had been drawing, what did they draw? And what colours did they use on the drawing?

If you are out in the car somewhere, ask your child some questions about what is around them while you are driving along.

Another good thing to help a child with learning new words is, to use flash cards. This can help them alot.

Reading is also a great tool as well, especially if you ask them to point out and show you different things in the book and maybe even talk about those things. This will help your child to learn new words but also to start talking more.

What sort of things does your child like to play with? Get them to talk to you about the toy's etc that they are playing with.

Even when your child is watching TV, ask them about what they are watching.

The above things can be of some help, as this is some of the things that I did with my own daughter.

Also, what really helped was to send her to Pre-school when she turned 3 years old, this helped in so many ways, not just with her talking but her social skills as well. She is an only child and so the only time she really got to play with other children before we sent her to Pre-school was once a week at Playgroup or if we had a play date.

Pre-school is so good for all children to go to, before they start going to school.

I hope this has helped in some way, BUT please remember that this is what worked for my daughter, IF at any time you feel that your child(ren) aren't doing as well as you thought they might have been then please go and see your GP or Baby Health Clinic Nurse. They will be able to help you.

**Lastly, please remember to never go comparing your child(ren) with other children of the same age. Every child is different and goes at their own pace!**


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My son is almost 4 he hasan expressive speech language delay as well as a global developmental delay. His speech is slowly coming along,while it may not be at the level of most 4 year olds he knows makaton and makes his needs and thoughts known. My 2 yr old is also delayed in speech but we havent got him assessed by the ST yet.

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