Which Baby Bjorn carrier is best?

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I have a 2 year old toddler with new baby due Sept. I was thinking about buying a Baby Bjorn so I can hold the baby and have hands free for toddler. Which Baby Bjorn have you found good and why? Active, Air, Original or Synergy?


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I have the Active and an Ergo. They are both great, but have some distinct differences.

Active: Pros: Lumbar support (helps support weight), quick removal, undisturbed removal of sleeping baby, able to turn baby to face outward. Cons: not as suitable for newborns, baby outgrows Bjorn at around 18 months max, baby's weight is held at an angle to body (so it feels like a separate entity is attached to you and tends to pull at the shoulders).

Ergo: Pros: Infant insert (cocoon like) available for newborns, Baby's weight is held against body (so it feels like part of your body, not a separate entity attached), Hip and back carry positions for carrying toddlers up to 3 years, padded shoulder pads for comfortable long wearing, quick removal. Cons: No outward facing position for baby, removal of sleeping baby isn't totally undisturbed.

I loved them both, but I could wear baby more comfortably in my Ergo because all the weight sits on your hips. They say you're supposed to be able to breastfeed whilst wearing the Bjorn, but I honestly can't figure out how considering the straps come down right over your boobs. Even if you could, it would be terribly uncomfortable I imagine, because you'd have weight hanging off one shoulder while your arm would be holding the rest of the baby. My eldest loved the Bjorn though, because once I turned him to face outward he could watch everything that was going on. The bad thing about that is that he HATED the pram.

No matter which carrier you buy, I'd suggest buying on eBay. You can get new items there for less money than in a shop. I bought my Bjorn brand new off eBay for 50% of the RRP. Go to a shop and try them all out to see which one you like, and take a doll or teddy bear with you to put into the carrier so you can see what it will be like with baby. It won't represent the weight, but it will give you an idea of positioning, etc. If you want to know how the weight is distributed, take a 5kg bag of flour/sugar to use instead of a doll. That's what I did and got a few funny looks, but who cares if you find a carrier you love? Then go home and buy off eBay.

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I have a synergy which I liked the best when I checked them all out. It has good back support for you, has a breathable material that also can go in the washing machine and dry very quickly (like overnight so you don't miss out on having it around). They do say that it's the best for warmer climates as the material is breathable but as long as bubs is dressed warmly they're okay - as they are up against you and therefore getting your body heat. You could also try checking out the Baby Bjorn website as there is a "which baby carrier is right for me?". Here is the link:
good luck!
PS- Be warned though as not all have the good lumbar back support which means that you get a sore back after only a little time wearing one. I didn't get this info from the website - I had to go into my local Kids Central store and ask the lady "What's the difference between each one EXACTLY?" Also please do note that they are cheapest in Aus in Baby Kingdom, some shops charge $50-60 more for the exact same thing...

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i have a active but my problem was my little boy grew so fast and is now 4 months and has out grown it but i do recommend them


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I would recommend the Ergo Sport if you can get your hands on one. You just have to get an infant insert for the bub while he/she is still tiny but it has better support than the Baby Bjorns. Especially as your baby gets older. But Baby Bjorns are great too. :)

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