Aussie Natural Mums

For Australian mums who are organically, natural minded and would like the opportunity to network with similar minded mums in the same country or even state. Topics can cover natural parenting, organic living, gardening, sewing, co sleeping, attachment parenting, cloth nappying... anything that you consider to be natural parenting. No bitching please, honest debate welcome. This group is only closed to protect the privacy of your children if you decide to post pics to this group that have them in there. I personally am not keen on my kids being publicly displayed to just anybody and like to keep my albums private.


Let's get active!!

I finally got around to fixing up the Introduction and Gardening discussion threads. Go have a look and leave an intro and a comment. Maybe even start a new one. Also, do you...


Amber Necklaces

I have my 8 mo wearing an amber necklace & up till recently i was using panadol as well when he was teething but since i have been putting it on his foot at night i havent had...


Organic/Permaculture Gardening chatter :D

So I figure I'll start off this community with a convo about Gardening... Of Course. I am gardening crazy!! I love it. Gardening centres my spirit and soul, it helps to keep...



Ok, So here I go again. 3rd time lucky I hope. My first intro didn't post up and my second accidently got deleted :( Please introduce yourself to us and let us know how you do...