what the hell was he thinking??? part 2

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I have been thinking about relationships, and why some people would choose to risk a good relationship for something that is clearly inferior. No one really knows what goes on between two people in a marriage/relationship, but for God's sake, what were these guys thinking?

Yeah, yeah, don't tell me I'm being superficial and judgemental. You know you were thinking it, too. This is like trading in a Prada bag for a Payless - no offense to Payless, but you cannot deny the quality and craftsmanship of a great Prada bag.

Without further commentary - I present to you a group of men whose judgement has reached depths of epic proportions...in order from least to most disgusting.

First we have an actor, but we don't expect much from them anyway. To Hugh's credit, he didn't make any excuses and simply said, "I did a bad thing. And, there you have it."

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesse did Sandra a favor. She must have thought she could save him from himself. Lesson #1 - you cannot save your mate. Get someone who is already good to go, it's so much easier. Lesson #2 - it seems so obvious now, but if your boyfriend's x-wife is a porn star, you should probably find a new boyfriend. God bless Sandra for trying, though. We all love a bad boy, but Sandra is so sweet that anyone who would do this to her should be sentenced to a life with a high, whiny voice and a skanky new wife...oh wait...

Next we have an actor-turned-governor, who obviously didn't learn very much about morals or ethics while in office, but that's our own fault for expecting our politicians to have morals and ethics. I mean, anyone could get the cleaning lady mixed up with his wife. That happens, right? And when the cleaning lady starts to bring her kid around, that looks suspiciously like you, what would you do? You buy her a house in Bakersfield! Now you don't have to worry about your two sons, born days apart to different women, ending up in the same 8th grade class. That's the kind of thing Democrats worry about. I have to give Maria a hand for handling the situation with dignity. I'm not sure very many women would have waited until his term was over before leaving his ungrateful Austrian ass.

Finally, the worst case of what the hell was he thinking-Part 2. Mutt Lange, who gives canines everywhere a bad name. Dogs are loyal. He is not. This was also bad because the other woman was Shania's friend. You would think having ugly friends would keep your marriage safe. Sadly, that is not always the case.

left this for this??

I love this, because Shania got the last laugh when she turned out to be the one who traded up - by marrying the other woman's x-husband who is hot!

I just love a happy ending.

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