What do you think of the teen pregnancy reality shows? I hate to say, I am revited by them, but do you think they are dangerous for my tween niece to watch?


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Leslie - posted on 10/02/2011




I agree with the posts I have read because the show did make it seem so simple because those girls got help at first.. Now it shows that are things you have to do when you have baby too soon so I think its ok

[deleted account]

I think the teen shows are good and bad. They can help on one hand but on the other put thoughts in teens minds. I say have that talk one on one and prepare them for what's ahead if having unprotective sex.

Carol - posted on 03/11/2011




Everything looks glamerous on TV and film. You could try to limit your niece's exposure to the teen mom shows, but if she is really interested in them and likes to watch them, perhaps it could be a good way to start an honest dialog about sex, pregnancy and motherhood with her.

[deleted account]

I think that perhaps the very first season glorified it a little, making it look easier than it really is. But now, this year's is much more like "reality" in that they seem to be focusing more on the difficulties and problems teen pregnancies create and that teen moms have to deal with. I would say that as long as you also talk to her about sex and the consequences (or her mom or dad does) it is fine.

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