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Fruit juice?

Is it ok to give an 8 month old baby watered-down fruit juice or is it better to stick to water? and how much should they be drinking?



My 21month old chipped her front ooth. its a bit rough on the edge. Should i take her to a dentist and if so any recommendations for a good one with kids located in melbourne?


Amolin calming baby bath

I love the Amolin calming baby bath but Coles has stopped stocking it. I live in south eastern suburbs in Victoria, anyone know where I can definately get it form?


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Best baby gate to buy?

What is the best pressure mounted baby gate to buy that will keep my daughter out of the kitchen. i would like one that doesnt mark the walls and one she wont work out how to...


Gems of Advice

I recently sat down to write an email to a friend who is pregnant with her first baby. The aim of the email was to fill it with all the best advice I had on pregnancy and...



Hey does anyone know of any good aussie websites where i can get some more recipes for my 7 month old/


Baby Nightmares / Dreaming

Does anyone elses baby seem to be having nightmares? My little 5 month old, Johny, does. He started whimpering in his sleep, and this can go for some time and then he may burst...