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hi.. my son is almost 3 and he was just diagnosed with autism... my question is should i try to potty train him yet.. he is nonverbal.. or should i wait... has anyone potty trained a child who is not talking yet... if so i would love to hear how you did it...


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Stacey - posted on 01/16/2010




My Son is almost 3 and still not potty trained, we have made an attempt unsuccessfully, I think you know when the time is right. I think www.tacanow.org has a potty training guide for kids with autism, and I have read about people using picture cues to assist as kids with autism respond well to picture cues, for example, in order have a picture of pulling pants down, then one of sitting on potty, etc. Then they can look at the pictures and hopefully help them to know what to do.

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My daughter is 3 and half and she isn't potty trained yet. It's hard especially since they do not know how to talk. Someone suggested this book to me and it has been really helpful. The person who gave me the name of the book has autistic kids too. She told me her daughter wasn't potty trained until she was five. Yikes right. At least she is potty trained. I can't wait until my daughter is potty trained. It's a mountain ready to be climbed. Ugh! If your interested the name of the book is called, " Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or other Developmental Issues, by Maria Wheeler, M. ED.

If you decided to get the book and try it. Keep me posted if it works for you. I'm going to try to potty train my daughter this coming summer. Hope this helps. Mary

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