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As parents of a child with a disability we are tasked with a multitude of daily challenges and obstacles to overcome in our continual strive to support the needs of our children. Our goal is simply stated: Ensuring their safety, well-being and happiness through their journey to adulthood.

A serious threat to our children is CPS (Child Protective Services). A CPS referral can come suddenly and without warning! And can come from many unsuspecting sources (some of these very trusted), including: caretakers, law enforcement, school districts, health-care providers, disgruntled ex’s/former friend’s, and sometimes even family.


January 14, 2011

Dear friends of Marilyn Scott;

A crisis of devastating magnitude brings me to write this letter on behalf of the friends and supporters of Marilyn Scott. I write to you with a very heavy heart and the flow of non-stop tears in support of an iconic Mother and Advocate in the Autism Community who has recently fallen victim to CPS.

Marilyn Scott is a Special Education Advocate and a dedicated mother of four children; three of her children are on the Autism Spectrum. Marilyn has served families throughout the state of California and has fought tirelessly and successfully for the rights of children with special needs for over 11 years. She is a voice for positive change in the lives of the families and children that she serves and plays a vital role in the Autism and Disability Community. Marilyn has donated much of her time and services to economically disadvantaged families that have children with special needs and has touched the lives of every family she has worked with, we have all benefited in some capacity (great or small) from the work that Marilyn does on behalf of our children, and now Marilyn and her children need our help!

Marilyn has recently become the target of a vicious and personal vendetta on the part of a former disgruntled employee/caretaker who enlisted the help of Marilyn’s former spouse in support of a disturbing vendetta. Consequently, false allegations have been made against Marilyn by these individuals prompting a CPS investigation. When Marilyn declined to sign CPS release of information forms, until further review by her Attorney, CPS sought and obtained custody warrants for her children. As if the false allegations were not devastating enough, the local school district responsible for serving her children’s unique educational needs has opportunistically and irresponsibly misrepresented information to CPS and the courts, in support of the CPS case brought against Marilyn.

Typically, parents of children with special needs are under great scrutiny and face serious and daunting challenges in raising their children. When there is more than one child with special needs in the same family, the scrutiny is compounded and further intensified. What is happening to Marilyn and her children right now could happen to anyone raising a child with special needs. In the face of extremely devastating and adverse circumstances Marilyn is doing what she does best, fighting for the rights of her children! I am doing what I do best, helping a dear friend/long time supporter of my child, in a time of great need and getting the word out to families who are at risk of becoming a victim to CPS!

I was shocked and devastated when I learned about what happened to Marilyn and her children, and yet I too have come into the throws of an unwarranted CPS investigation with my own son. Anyone who knows Marilyn knows that she is an amazing Mother who is extremely dedicated to the support and love of her children; simply put this is an outrageous and malicious act that is terribly wrong!

It is with sincere gratitude and deep appreciation that I can call myself a friend of Marilyn Scott’s. My 15 year old son with Autism has been the recipient of Marilyn’s Advocacy support for over 10 years and as a result has thrived at school and in his community, my son would not be where he is today without her. Marilyn’s dedication to the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families is a calling that she serves with great passion and commitment. Marilyn has been there for us every step of the way!

As a friend of Marilyn’s, I am asking everyone that reads this letter who has ever had to fight for the rights of a child with a disability to show your support, love, and appreciation for all that Marilyn represents and has done for our children. For so many of us Marilyn is a hero, guardian angel and shinning light for our kids.

Marilyn is fighting this every step of the way and wants to raise awareness in the Autism and disability community to ensure that this does not happen to another family! The individuals responsible for this tragic situation were at one time trusted associates. This situation has affected Marilyn’s health, devastated her finances, and broken her heart, but not her Spirit!

I am personally committed to doing anything and everything that I can to help. Please stand with me for justice by lending your support to this valiant Mother, who has so selflessly and fearlessly fought for so many years for our children! Any and All support is needed and greatly appreciated right now, from a show of support at the upcoming trial in Superior Court on January 19th at 1:30p in Placerville, assistance with legal and/or Advocacy support, help with developing the “FriendsofMarilynScott” website and facebook page, sending in letters or statements to post, financial contributions, as well as possible Attorney leads who are experienced in CPS cases for children with disabilities.

Together we can help Marilyn get her children home and raise awareness of this very serious threat to our children! Please contact me right away at, your help and support is desperately needed and time is short!

Friends of Marilyn Scott c/o AESF, 2795 E. Bidwell St., Suite 100-103, Folsom, CA 95630

With deep gratitude and appreciation of your support,


Founder, “Friends of Marilyn Scott”

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