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Does anyone know of a good book that will teach a child more about God from a 4-5 year old perspective? Unfortunately, my son learns best visually and it's hard to teach him about something you can't see. He's also afraid of the word "die" or "dying" and I don't know how to teach him about Jesus dying and coming back to life again. We've used some of the toddler Bibles with him, but I don't know that they've been that effective in teaching him. We pray with him, thanking for food, safety, etc. but when he had a bad dream he blamed God ("God forgot!") because we had prayed asking for good dreams and a good night's rest. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Good morning! Try the Friendship ministry webpage www.friendship.org They have a lot of resources on teaching the Bible to people with disabilities. We did not try to teach our son about Jesus' death on the cross until he was in his late teens. By that time, he had sat through enough church services to absorb many truths. You can read about his fantastic "knowing" of what communion is all about in my book Autism and Alleluias. www.kathleenbolduc.com

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