20 reasons why moms of special needs kids rock

Katherine - posted on 05/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




1. Because we are geniuses at talking our way into whatever it is that will make our children's lives easier—at restaurants, amusement parks, school, wherever.
2. Because we help people see the amazing kid behind the special needs. Put that pity away, please.
3. Because we have learned the language of disability and medical conditions, so much so that sometimes people ask if we ourselves are medical professionals. Too bad we have nobody to bill.
4. Because we are so over "typical."
5. Because we work through those not-doing-enough-for-my-child guilt trips...and move right along to feeling guilty about something else. Next!
6. Because we have endless determination, dedication and energy.*
(*This motherhood brought to you by caffeine.)
7. Because we have cried more tears than we ever thought humanly possible, but never let our kids see the sadness.
8. Because we still have a healthy sense of humor. And no cellulite! Or we do have some but we have no time to care!
9. Because we know that the timeline for when our kids do stuff doesn't matter. Even when our hope is running low, they somehow surprise us.
10. Because we always put ourselves last, although we know that mani-pedis are our God-given right.
11. Because we do not let our kids' habit of banging their knees rhythmically under the table or their obsession with all things purple or whatever quirk drive us crazy...usually.
12. Because we have extreme endurance—we're talking Ironwoman endurance—when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. Press 3 if you'd like to tell off a representative!
13. Because we listen to other mothers complain about the small hardships of their lives and we don't say "You think you've got it hard, sister?!" We just think it.
14. Because we keep our composure amidst all the frolicking tots at the playground, birthday parties and playdates, no matter how painful it may be.
15. Because we also keep our composure when people stare. OK, maybe we don't. HEL-LO, DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER TELL YOU THAT IT'S RUDE TO STARE?
16. Because when our children accidentally roll over our feet with their walkers or poke us in the eye when they are flailing their arms or almost knock out one of our kidneys, we smile through our pain and we do not sue them.
17. Because we spend countless hours filling out forms and doing paperwork. Where's the app for that?
18. Because just when we think our heart can't take any more, it takes more.
19. Because we will do anything in our power to make the world a safer, saner, kinder, happier, more accepting place for our kids.
20. Because, well, you tell me.


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Number 23 Because we are invincible! Lol you think you've got an attitude/right hook/strong will LMAO you should take notes from my 3 yr old!

User - posted on 05/14/2011




22. Because we know where you've been, and if we can help, we do. Other moms are our best source of support, information, and practical "how to" advice. Where would we be without you?

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wonderful! 21. Because we fight for our child's rights, we make sure they are treated well and not forgotten, even when others see them as part of the masses, they are our little individuals.

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