22 month old baby girl just got diagnosed with PDD Today!

Barbie - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




My 22 month old baby girl got diagnosed with PDD. We knew something was wrong however we thought she just had a slight motor skill delay. I cant take her anywhere because she doesn't like to be around a crowd of people, She doesn't talk so i have to read her cries to find out what she wants, because of her PDD she still doesn't sleep through the night & she wakes up every 4 hours like new born..Its going on 2 yrs and i yet haven't had a fulls night sleep! But my biggest concern is that she doesn't want to eat! breakfast ( Gerber oatmeal Cereal w/ milk) Lunch (Baby food mixed with Gerber Mixed grains Cereal) Dinner (Gerber Rice Cereal w/milk) all above with a Bottle. Im afraid that all this dairy might not be good for her!...On the bright side because of the Gerber Cereal her body weight is great! However, i have tried different foods and she gags!....my question to all moms is... will she always be like this or does it get better?

Please give me some advice!


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Sarah - posted on 09/27/2010




She is still very young! Don't be so quick to set limitations. To be very honest my youngest son didn't speak until 3 1/2 years, he's perfectly fine, alittle clumsy but overall okay! He is now 5, my oldest is 8, and was suspected of having autism at age 4, then finally diagnosed just after his 5th birthday. I still don't always get a full nights sleep, that comes with the territory for some. I believe with persistant dedication to helping your children, regardless of label that every child can learn. I now homeschool my autistic son, but is proving to be very rewarding! How much are parents willing to sacrifice, to lose their pride and admit when they're in over there head, to reach out for that well needed and deserved help, it's out there you just need to be the researcher for your child! When I look into my children's eyes, when I watch them sleep at night, I wonder if I'm doing all I can for them. If I can honestly say yes, then that's all that matters. We are only human, and can't do any better then our best. Find an OT, and SLP to address feeding and speech issues. For 2 years, my house was that of the revolving doors, specialists, aides, and caseworkers.
You are the best advocate for your daughter, nobody knows her like you do, and there are plenty of moms who have gone before you, and those that are traveling with you. Keep your head up, stay strong and each time you look at your precious child, ask yourself if you are doing the best that you can. Take care, and know that there are alot of moms here for support!

Michelle - posted on 09/27/2010




I have two boys that are PDD. The doctor informed me to go to be evaluated by a Therapist at 18 months. They both had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. One of my sons had trouble with different textures and they realized it was how he was putting the spoon in his mouth and how he used his tongue to push back the food that caused a gag reflex. They introduced different foods and textures that he wouldn't try with me but he accepted with them cause he saw it like a game. He overcame it with some time and now eats just about everything.

As for the nights, she may need to have a sleep test done. Some have "night tremors" and others may have trouble breathing correctly because of the tongue issue which causes them to wake up. When she does wake, what is she like? Is she crying? Seem scared? Confused?

Also, what do you do? Do you give her attention or let her cry? We had to let them cry if we noticed they did not awaken scared/crying because many of them also have separation anxiety. It took a while for them to overcome that too but taking them to therapy and putting them in daycare even though I was home, helped both them and us.

Happy to say, that now, they are 5 & 6 and doing great! Both boys went to Early Childhood Development Programs that start at 3 years old and are in regular classrooms now. My oldest is even being considered for the "gifted program" :)

The key is don't let the diagnoses get you down and scared and do all you can proactively to get your child the help they need to excel!

Megan - posted on 09/23/2010




she will always be different but little by little it does get better!! my son is 4 and it has gotten alot better. he is very aggresive and pinches alot and pulls hair you have to find things that help them calm down. and melatonin is a natural herb in a pill talk to her docter about melitonin it works well on my son he used to sleep through the nite but the past few months have been heck till i started melitonin you can get it at a heath food store

Esther - posted on 09/22/2010




Since she is consuming mostly a liquid diet try to add some blended veggies and fruits into her diet. Introduce one at a time over several days-like blend carrots and add from 1/2 tsp to the mix at a time until she is used to the taste as well as the texture. For the most part it is texture that they gag at. For sleep I suggest that you find a mattress pad by a company called NIKKEN. The mattress and comfortor has been known to help them sleep, rest for fully, and thrive better. If you are interested I can help you find one that you could borrow to see if it works for you. I work on harmonizing the mind body spirit connectons and have worked with many Autistic children in the past four years.

Megan - posted on 09/22/2010




I have one bit of advice that really worked for us on the sleeping front. We made two rules, our son was not going to sleep in our bed and we were not going to hold/rock him till he fell alseep. As soon as we stopped forcing him to sleep in his bed, most of the sleeping problems stopped. So he sleeps on the floor next to his bed. Its a little odd, but hey, he sleeps through the night most nights. On the eating front, we were mostly lucky but we still fight with some textures. Everything I have read says go to a no gluten diet, but that just isn't realistic on our budget.

Barbie - posted on 09/21/2010




I would like to thank every one for the advice...knowing that im not alone and reading the progress that all your children has accomplish makes me feel so much better
once again thank you and God bless!

Margarida - posted on 09/21/2010




I understand how you feel. My daughter was not able to sleep through the night until she was 3 years old. But even at that point, it was not every night. I agree with what's been said about early intervention. You must start right away with good ocupational and speech therapy as soon as possible and as often as possible. I would recoment you read the book "Children with starving brains" and search for a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. I am now learning that many of the authism symptoms can be caused by or agravated by nutritional defficiency. Which is so common in autistic children due to their unwilliness to eat. I still strugle to get my daughter to eat anythig at all. A DAN! doctor can help you test your daughter for nutritional defficiencies and help put her on the right supplements.
Be patient and keep pressing forward. It will get better.

Zenzele - posted on 09/20/2010




I 2nd Lisa's comment, "Have faith its a bumpy ride. Early intervention is the KEY!"

I would also add that it WILL get better every year. I didn't sleep a full night till my daughter was almost 4yrs old. I sat in her room till she fell asleep (making sure I wasn't holding her so she wouldn't need that to sleep). I would make sure I would send her right back to bed if she would come out. We did this night after night after night. But one night I woke up and said, "OMG, she didn't wake up or come out". However, she is now 5yrs and she wakes up in the middle of the night and stays up for 2 hours sometimes giggling and babbling something funny to herself. I have to pay for it in the morning when its time to wake her for school. arrgghh. Anyway, come here anytime to talk or vent. We're here for you.

Sarah - posted on 09/19/2010




it sounds to me like she has a sensory issue. She needs to have a speech therapy consult AND an occupational Therapy consult. The SLP and the OT can give you some ideas on how to get her to try new textures and not gag.

As for communication, she needs to be learning sign language to help with her immediate needs. My favorite system is called Signing Times.You could also rig up what they call PECS ( picture exchange communication system). With PECS, you have small laminated pictures of things that are common in her life, in a place accessible to her. When she goes to the fridge and whines, you give her a choice of pictures of a glass of juice, or a glass of milk. She picks the one she wants...or you do the same thing with favorite foods, activities, etc.

Tammy - posted on 09/18/2010




I have a three and a half year old and i found out what he really enjoys and will actually eat and give him that then i also give him a bottle (thats the only way he will drink it) of a milk mixture called Pediasure they use is in hospitals for kids that have been sick or not eating and at least that way i know he s getting all he needs. I found that when he regressed he hated all the foods he loved when he was a baby like mashed vegies etc if it doesnt feel, look or smell right he wont eat it and i guess i just pick my battles it is so full on with him most times doing it this way just gives me peace of mind and i dont worry as much about the food thing anymore. Mind you anything in a lollie form he ll eat hahaha..:)

User - posted on 09/17/2010




HI Barbie,

A weighted blanket might help with sleeping ... OT can help you there, but they generally weigh from eight pounds up...

If she is in a high chair, finely chop some typical foods (one flavour at a time) that small children like (bananas, crackers, etc) Put them on the tray and let her muck her fingers about...she might then bring finger to mouth and get the flavour...it also introduces some texture without being overbearing...

This way, you are introducing the food in a non-threatening/exploratory manner that might yield better results then fretting over trying to get her to "take something".


Barbie - posted on 09/17/2010




Thank you so much!..Im glad to hear that ur son is doing so much better! She does receive therapy, she receives PT, OT, SE & Speach, she began therapy at 8 months only because i was concerned at that time of her delays..but now since she has been diagnose with PDD shes going to begin classes,, which im grateful for ;) once again thank you for ur advice and giving me HOPE!

Morgan - posted on 09/17/2010




Hello Barbie :) i completely understand what you are talking about...my son too was diagnosed at around 2-2 1/2 and he had problem with texter (foods) still had a bottle and pacifier...also still was waking up every 4-5 hours at night. Know that he is just over three alot has changed...he is eating all types of textered food except yogurt with fruit in it. He has no more bottle and only gets up once a night in a week period for a drink of juice! What I'm trying to say is, it will get better! My son know is starting to speak and understand small commands...something he was absolutely unable to do....Sometimes know I feel that they made the wrong diagnoses. I must say that therapy does help significantly at suuch a young age so it's very important to start therapy.
Good luck and remember it will all come in time :)

Kim - posted on 09/16/2010




Try a soy or nut milk if you're pretty sure she's not allergic. I would also start trying yogurt or making your own smoothies. I had to feed my son laying on his back for almost 3 yrs because he had a hard time swallowing. I would also reccomend switching to just the rice cereal. I saw huge success in my son after going with a no gluten or dairy diet. It takes at least 2 wks to start seeing a difference and 6 months for it to be totally out of their systems. Also my son would sleep better when there was a loud fan on in the room. These kids hear everything so any little sound may wake them. The fan helped cover the extra noise. keep trying to feed her with a spoon, she needs to get used to the way that feels. It may take a while but she will get the hang of it. Hope this helps! Hang in there. It will get better!

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