6 y/o Dx with Aspergers, ADHD and Impulse Control Disorder at age 3

Jennifer - posted on 10/24/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a six y/o who was diagnosed with mild Aspergars, ADHD and Impulsive Control disorder at 3 (no eye contact, light and sound sensitivity, food texture issues, severe tantrums, social integration issues) we put her into a brain balance therapy program at 3 ½ and most of her symptoms were either significantly diminished or disappeared completely. We are now still dealing with rage and social integration issues, she she’s a private therapist, a school therapist and a psychiatrist (which are all working in coordination together). At 5 she was put on medication for the ADHD and ICD which is helping her greatly. She is mainstreamed in school and we are now really focusing on helping her become in control of her emotions and also trying to teach her how to socialize….If you have any questions about the brain balance program or anything else at all I will be happy to share the techniques we are using….I also have a friend who is going in the other direction with no drugs. She is working with a Dr. along the same lines as the brain balance method and doing Metal detoxification and food therapy….so I know some of those techniques as well….Hope to be able to help or have you share with me some of what has worked for you.


Kerry - posted on 10/24/2008




welcome jennifer, we are glad to have you join us. I am so happy for you that you have been able to get to some early intervention techniques, it will help as she gets older. And its great that she can be in the mainstream, I fought our education dept for years about my son, they kept telling me that because he did not have any intellectual impairment he could not go to 'special' school, even if the styole there would have suited his learning needs better. By the time he was 14 they allowed him to attend special school for 2 days a week, BUT by then he would not cooperate and would get very cranky about the teaching style being for babys, and he couldnt be in the same room as a 'verbal' special kid. He couldnt stand the noises that some of the disabled make. so therefore no cooperation and no leaarning.
You are lucky to have found ideas and to have help available, I couldnt even get to see a psychiatrist (other than once when he was very young, and this guy told me that the boy was "mother training" and it was all in my mind.!) so lack of help is a real problem out there. It would be great if you can let others in your state know the places that WILL help.
good luck and keep up the good work

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