8 year old daughter very emotional - feels like an emotional rollercoaster everyday!!

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My 8 year old daughter can be the sweetest girl in the world but an hour later she can be a teary, emotional train wreck! She is like this at home, during her sports activities, and at school. Her teachers from PreK up through 2nd grade have told me that she is highly sensitive and gets upset over the smallest things. She's also like this at home. If I give my older daughter a simple compliment such as a how a dress looks good on her, my 8 year old starts to cry. We've explained to her that just because someone else gets a compliment once in a while doesn't mean that she is being jilted. She can break down over the simplest and silliest things. We have tried everything such as talking to her on her level about her behaviors - both good and bad. We have also told her straight out that her behavior will not be tolerated because she looks like a spoiled brat to outsiders. She has a very strong personality and is very bossy. Her 2nd grade teacher said she has strong leadership abilities but doesn't always go about it the right way. She is quick to learn and because she finishes her school work first, (she usually gets it all correct), she likes to help other students but she gets hurt because some of the students don't want her help.

Sometimes I think she has self esteem issues but this strikes me as crazy because we have always told our children that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and this is part of being human. We have told both of our kids what we find special in them and on the same note, we also try to get them to understand when they are at fault or need to work on their own weaknesses. She seems to understand but then goes back to her overly sensitive outlook on things. It's getting to the point where I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - we are thinking of getting her evaluated by a child behavioral psychologist but not sure what to look for.


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Not sure if this will help at all....but I have a 12 y/o Aspie daughter who did the same thing at 9 y/o, she cried at the drop of a hat also. She also began her Menstration that summer...and was diagnosed with Asperger's in and around the same time. The Behavioral Psychologist told us she was experiencing all these emotions consistantly (self esteem, overly sensitive to others, jealousy) and we just needed to reassure her that she was okay and let her have her emotional moments/trying to get her to talk about them, why she was feeling that way...etc....(as long as no excessive behavior followed..anger, etc) she also had a period of irrational night terrors and cried alot then as well as children with Asperger's will due to their inability to express themselves completely. Hope this is helpful! Good Luck!!

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I have a daughter who is demonstrating some of these qualities and have a 10 year old son has been recently diagnosed with aspergers. She is very similar to your daughter and I've found that her diet greatly affects her moodiness. We switched to a gluten free diet 5 mos. ago and it's made a tremendous difference in elminating the overreacting. When she eats gluten now, she is quick to overreact and get offended. I hope this helps. Our aspie son also demonstrates these things but his are much more related to anger, fairness issues and misreading social cues. I don't think our 8 year old has aspergers but is more like intolerant of gluten and most likely somewhat intolerant of casein (which is dairy protein.) She's on almond milk and almond milk yogurt and nuts and high protein mixes for snacks now and those help a lot with her moodiness as well.

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I think being evaluated is a great step. My daughter is very sensitive too. Why don't you try a rewards chart? Make it into a positive thing? If she doesn't get upset then she get's stickers. I've always have great luck with them.


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The evaluation should help. Perhaps some social behavioral therapy would be beneficial as well.

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