9 yr old son with Aspergers touching himself in public

Heather - posted on 06/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son has aspergers, ADHD, and a cognitive memory disorder. Lately he's been having a tough time leaving private things in private places. He touches himself constantly!! Doesnt matter where we are, who's there or what's going on. He's always touching himself inappropriately. Has anyone else dealt with this or have any great ideas for how to curtail this behavior??

*this is like a touching in his pockets kinda thing, but it's obvious what he's doing*


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Sharlene - posted on 06/12/2012




He's probably going through puberty, I known my 9 yr old is and also doing the same thing but in the privacy of his own room. Maybe get some info on book's on puberty for children with special needs.good luck

Kate - posted on 06/11/2012




My 9 year old ( not high functioning) was constant with that. He pulled his out right in front of a McDonalds outlet at West Edmonton Mall and started playing away. All I could really do was tell him that was not acceptable and take him to wash his hands every time, sometimes resorting to asking him to carry two light things ( bag of bread in one hand holding my hand with the other , etc) and at home, just redirected him. I told him where he could do that, and where wasn't appropriate, like pulling down his pants in Grandpas living room to....relieve a little stress...was not ok, but his room at home is. It took time and patience and some OMG embarrassing moments, but he got the message.
Good Luck!

Happy - posted on 06/08/2012




Have you been to the mall recently? Watched a baseball/football game? Men and boys can't keep their hands ut of their pants. It's like it's their little worry stone or something. Totally typical male (special needs or not) behaviour!

Anaquita - posted on 06/07/2012




Since he's high functioning, he can in fact, understand that certain things aren't okay. You could try with a reward thing first. Like you don't touch yourself (especially in public) for a whole day he earns a point, if it goes all month the points could be turned in for something he really wants. Or if that fails, consequences. Time out, loss of privileges... And if that doesn't work, behavioral therapy.

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