Any good ideas on how to keep asthma in control during this pollen season..


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Eve - posted on 04/14/2010




some reserch has suggested that a dose of worms can cure asthma on a temporary basis. The accepted view is that the more oppertunity to use the imune systems and build into it the ability to recognise a real attack against the body. While you must be careful as asthma is a killer it might be a good idea to let your child have loads of oppertunities to explore the natural world, get dirty have a pet? It might help.

Dree - posted on 03/26/2010




If the child is going outside to play in the backyard...or to the car to go somewhere put a little mask over his/hers mouth and nose. This will keep alot of the pollen from coming in...just as it keeps sick ppls gersm from coming out!!

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