Anyone's child have Celiac Disease?

Sarah - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Olivia (3) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease the day before this last Thanksgiving. We moved to Germany to live with my husband (he's in the Army) on December 15th. We've been working really hard on making sure she is 100% GF (gluten free) and have been doing very well. I'm thinking she needs some extra supplements, but I'm unsure of what to do or where to research. Her doctor gave me a prescription of liquid vitamins for her with extra vitamin D (not a ton of sun in Germany right now & really bad weather) and he gave us liquid fluoride (which I'm unsure about using - thoughts?). I'm thinking she probably needs a digestive enzyme or something since I'm sure there was damage to her gut & intestines. Her doctors in the states didn't suggest anything to us, and neither have the doctors here on post. They have just said taking her off gluten is enough, but I just don't believe that.

Olivia is also on 4 different prescription drugs for sleep, she has severe insomnia. We see a new doctor on Thursday morning to talk about Olivia's medication & hopefully pull her off most of what she is on *fingers crossed*, or at least find a better combo.

And as a side note - we are not taking her off dairy at this time. She has been through HUGE changes recently and her diet is very minimum with what she will eat. Somedays she has only yogurt & a few bottles and I am not taking that away right now. We just moved back in with my husband, we moved to another country and there have been other big changes she is dealing with, to include about to be going to another school and new therapies, etc. So please do not suggest that.:)


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Cece - posted on 03/20/2015




My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease las year, and has been a challenge for me I have 5 children 2 have ADHD, the other 2 have diabetes and her now? Cooking it's crazy she is 10 yrs old and before she would eat pretty much anything now she does'nt!!! She is afraid that her stomach will hurt (that's how we found out she has celiac desease)and won't eat at all she's not loosing weight but I'm afraid she will soon!!! Her doctor said she is fine and will take time to get use to it but really who gets used to it??? I need some help (child friendly recipes) please that can help her eat more... Thanks

User - posted on 01/12/2010




Hi Sarah,

I have never known a child with Celiac, but I worked with a woman and my mom's best friend were both diagnosed with Celiac.

Be really careful with foods you would never think of having wheat/gluten. Marshmallows, gummi bears. I am sure you read the labels, but I didn't have a clue how present it is in so many foods! My mom's friend had severe celiac and wasn't even diagnosed until she was 50. She suffered for YEARS.

I think a probiotic might help with the digestion. You can get it in powder form in Canada and it just "dissolves" in food/drink and is virtually tasteless. Being out of country, it might be hard, but I am sure there must be some sort of Celiac support on line...lucky to diagnose early because it can just be awful.

Good luck.


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