Anyone with a typical and ASD siblings a year apart in age in the same classroom?

Ann - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




In preparing for my sons IEP the school has approached me about keeping him in with the 3 years olds next year. It could help with the transportation for sure!!! However I have twin 2 year olds now.That will mean that my 4 year old ASD is going to be in going to school with my 3 year old (preemies slightly behind but basically typical) twins. The arrangement I imagine will be all 3 in one classroom or twins vs ASD child in the other. Does anyone with a similar experience have advise. Looking for short term and long term thoughts. Also, I think it would benefit my ASD now for sure but what effects does it have on my twins? Will my ASD child care as he gets older if the school continues to put him in a year behind.


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Emma-Jane - posted on 02/22/2011




Our son repeated his reception (age 4/5 year) and has never returned to his proper year group (So now taught a year behind and has very much benefited from it and as he was so young he really doesn't understand that he should be in the year above! all he knows is he's just turned 10 and the rest of them are still 8/9 ... As for your twins the only thing I would say is try and make sure they are in another class at least he can then still try and remain individual some of the time, it's really hard making all these decisions but you will soon know if its right or not. Thinking of you.

Lindsay - posted on 02/17/2011




I think it is a situation where you may have to try it out and see. I would try out the children in separate classrooms. This way they don't get tired of each other. I really don't thing it matters about repeating a year at a young age as it would being in Elementary and having to do it again. I have had my son in preschool with my daughter for a while and they started fighting more at home cause they got tired of the sharing and being nice real easy.

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