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Loretta - posted on 08/07/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




How do we get together is there a chat? I am new to this internet group and trying to navigate to help get support for me and my 12 year old Aspergers son. I stumbled upon this site, very desperate and feeling lost and a failure as his mom. Any suggestions, I read so many posts and no answers. I read the grandma raising her grandson, I would love to have my son hook up with your son threw the Xbox they play and talk through the x box. I don't know how to navigate to email you nor do I know if it's possible.


Meri - posted on 08/11/2012




Hello Loretta,
I hope you feel better since you first posted this message. It IS very difficult raising a kiddo with Asperger's. Where do you live? I live in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area and I've been able to find other families to connect with. I have found that my 16 year old is most comfortable with others with similar difficulties and interests. Talk to others at school, church, public library, etc. At your son's school the speech and language therapist and the school psychologist are good resources. You can't do this alone. It is good that you are reaching out.
Take care,


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Melisa - posted on 08/16/2012




my boy is 14 and he has his moment . I have supportive family, friends and school. Explain to thers and ask for help most people are understanding and will help if you ask. my guy also loves his games but he is on ps3. it has been a long road but verry rewarding. there are days...inbox if you need to talk or share ideas

Katrina - posted on 08/10/2012




"Complete Guide To Aspergers Syndrome" By Tony Attwood. Also is great for information also. And as Katherine said, has been suggested a number of times on here so plenty of people must use it - hence should be worth a try. My son is 4 in mid October and has been diagnosed with Aspergers earlier this year. You are NOT a failure as a mother. Autism/Aspergers has "NO KNOWN CAUSE". It is thought that the brain in an ASD child does not develop the same way as a neurotypical child's brain. (neurotypical child is a child without ASD: ie Aspergers). In no way have you made your child "GET" Aspergers. AND, asking for help and seeking support suggests that you are in fact the completeopposite of a failure as a mother. Be kind to yourself. Not sure of your situation but if you can get a couple hours of "YOU" time, take it. If not chose a quiet moment to just chill - if you get quiet moments. Good luck in building your support network. All the best xxx

Katherine - posted on 08/08/2012




Try in your area. They may have support groups. Also when you post you can ask if anyone is interested in being pen pals. I never would have known from your title. Or you could post, "Lonely, need some advice." Anything like that and you will get responses. You could probably Skype too.

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