Autism and drooling

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my high functioning 3 year old has drooled pretty consistently since birth, but it is getting worse now that he's talking more. Sometimes when he gets excited it gets foamy, but he won't swallow! we've tried asking him to wipe his chin, which he will sometimes do, or to close his mouth and swallow, which he will sometimes do, but neither keeps him from drooling. He does not have any other muscle issues that we know of. Does anyone have any advice for us? He's just keeping himself cool now, but I'm worried when he's in school in the winter he will freeze.



Diane - posted on 08/11/2009




Talk to your pediatrician about it. Charlie has to go to a speech test to make sure his jaw muscles were ok. They are but he stills drools on occasion. I just keep telling him to suck in spit constantly. Even when he's playing quietly if I walk by and see that he is drooling I just say yeah charlie suck you spit and he does. You will have to show examples of it, I made it a game (with the help of my older boys) so the first few times it was fun, then it just became natural when he heard suck you spit he just naturally does it. I have a 4 year old nicholas that has a severe drooling and speech problems and we are now working on that too with the same method and it seems to be working just a little slower. Be patient!

Summer - posted on 08/11/2009




My son is 9 1/2 and had major drooling issues when he was little. He still drools when he gets excited or upset, but he is much better at controlling it now. I didn't ever think about it having anything to do with autism. When my son was younger, I did the same things that you are doing, just making him aware and get in a habit of cleaning up after himself. Maybe someone who is a real expert will comment and we will both know more about it. :) Good luck.

Cathy - posted on 08/11/2009




On of my good friend's son is autistic and he drools. He's almost 8 and still drools. He has a very sensitive palet and gags very easily. They think this is why he drools. One of this therapists suggested they buy wrist bands, like you wear while playing sports (Tennis). She puts them on her son's wrists and tells him "wipe your chin" whenever he drools and he knows to use the wrist bands as his wipe. Buy extra pairs because I'm sure you'd be washing them a lot.


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