Autism in Pre-k. Have you done this?

Danielle - posted on 01/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello ladies,

Today we have an official diagnosis that my son is a standard Autistic. He has attended a 6 weeks program for delayed children, and we finally have some answers.

When he is done with the program, he will be integrated back in to his regular pre-k classroom. Before he was referred to the program for delays, there was a lot of curriosity from the children and parents who attended his regular pre-k. It is apparent in public situations that he struggles.

As a result, I was going to type up a little "fun fact" sheet about my son with the definition of Autism, and to please be patient if they are wittiness to his meltdowns. I feel like it would help to keep the parents from coming up with their own conclusions, as well help their children understand why he is different.

I am just wondering if is is something you have done? What would you include ( if you were in my position), and how would you feel on the receiving end?

Thanks you all so much.


Katherine - posted on 01/26/2012




Awesome idea. And yes parents have done this before. I think you have all of your bases covered. Ask them to come to YOU with any questions instead of assuming (in a nice way of course). And I think you've got the rest!

ETA: On the receiving end *I* personally would feel appreciative and glad to know the parent cares enough to send me this info. I would be happy to be "schooled" in autism a little bit and understand why that child acts the way he does. I would want to know. I also would probably have a lot of questions. So you may want to have a question of the day parents can do and send home info on that if you want to. It may be a lot of work on your end though.

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