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My son is 8yrs old. He was diagnosed with adhd when he was 6. Hes in 2nd grade now and his school finally did testing on him. The results were autistic like characteristics / autistic like behaviors. School really thinks he has aspergers. Dr. thinks its sensory integration.Where do I go from here?


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SID Traits:

An acute awareness of background noises
Fascination with lights, fans, water
Hand flapping/repetitive movements
Spinning items, taking things apart
Walking on tip-toe
Little awareness of pain or temperature
Coordination problems
Unusually high or low activity level
Difficulty with transitions (doesn't "go with the flow")
Self-Injury or aggression
Extremes of activity level (either hyperactive or under active).
Fearful in space (on the swings, seesaw or heights).
Striking out at someone who accidentally brushes by them.
Avoidance of physical contact with people and with certain "textures," such as sand, paste and finger paints.
The child may react strongly to stimuli on face, hands and feet.
A child may have a very short attention span and become easily distracted.
A strong dislike of certain grooming activities, such as brushing the teeth, washing the face, having the hair brushed or cut.
An unusual sensitivity to sounds and smells.
A child may refuse to wear certain clothes or insist on wearing long sleeves/pants so that the skin is not exposed.
Frequently adjusts clothing, pushing up sleeves and/or pant legs.

That being said you need to contact the school for resources and get an official diagnosis from your doctor.

Autism Speaks is good:

You also need some kind of therapist for your son. I mean a behavioral one. Rah has some good advice too.


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My son was in second class when we got him diagnosed we first taught he had adhd but not so he was diagnosed with Autism when we where told this we got in contact with the nearest support group who told us what we needed to do next these support groups are a god send because no body else is going to give you all the info you need right except the parents of children with Autism get in touch it will make a huge difference to you and your family the support is excellent good luck

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I would start with some kind of pediatric psychiatrist and request testing and evaluation. Have a copy of what the school found with you when you go in. Both of these disorders will respond better to therapy that is given sooner then later.

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wen through the same thing with my now 10 year old. Get a physchiatrist and get a proper diagnosis...if this is aspbergers then any meds or help that is geared toward adhd will do nothing.

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Do a little more research on both ASD/Aspergers and SID, talk to a few other parents and take a really honest look at your son. Talk to your doctor, get a referrel to a child psychologist and have a full assessment done. Make sure that whomever is doing the assessment is looking past the ADHD and seeing the other issues clearly. You'll know if you are being heard and respected ... don't be afraid to stand up for your kid. Be respectful but firm that you want appropriate answers to your questions.

Rah is right, the school needs to get on board with this right away. Social groups, Social Stories and self assessment (a program like How Does my Engine Run or The Incredible Five Point Scale) skills are key.

Autism Speaks also has a PDF on their site called The First 100 Days ... it gives you a really good overview of ASD and what you need to know when you are starting off on this journey.

Best of Luck!

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Definitely have his pediatrician refer you to a good psychologist. If he suspects an autism spectrum disorder, there are many organizations that work specifically to test for this. In North Carolina where I am, my son was tested and diagnosed at TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related Handicapped Children). Good luck!

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good idea to rd info on internet to learn a basis. I think social skills training seems to be most important and getting the diag was most beneficial. The school should make a plan to help with social issues training. Sounds like high IQ. Social interactions can be worked on because your child is able to learn. Good luck.

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