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Hello everyone, my son, who is 13 this year, has recently been diagnosed with ASD & Asp. We are waiting to go for a test that will pinpoint where he is on the spectrum. As he could have Aspergers. Since getting this news, i found myself reading all sorts of stuff. I did have a Ureeka! moment as it turns out, this should have been picked up at nursery school. ALL the signs were there and nobody took notice of me but i suppose its "better late than never". The main problem i have, is that he never knows what he wants to do, for leisure time etc. I usually suggest things and its a flat NO, "i cant be bothered". He would literally rot away in his room or in front of the TV but then he so wants to have friends round. He won't ask anyone "because they might say no". He also keeps talking about wanting to fit in and have friends. I am so lost, i dont know what to do to help him. Any advice would be appreciated, i'm still trying to understand ASD myself. Alot of advice is aimed at very young children and i cant find anything for "almost" a teenager. Marion


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Heidi - posted on 11/13/2010




Try your school social worker. They often have groups of kids that pratice friend making skills, or check for an Aspergers assoication group in your aeria, yahoo groups has one almost every where. Ours have social activitys for children, teens, and adults.

My son's preschool teacher was convinced that my sons symptoms were caused by him being abused by my husband. Their are worse things than not noticing.

Michelle - posted on 11/12/2010




my son was diagnosed in January @ 16 since hs diagnosis he has left school and has resorted to hs room he dosent seem to have any desire for social contact!

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i think regardless of age the situation is still the same my son is 9 and still sleeps with me he also wants friends but no one wants to be near him as his awkwardness to be too friendly sends people running so all i can say get someone his age in here as im looking also that maybe we can meet good luck and god bless

Tracy - posted on 11/12/2010




Hi!! I have been(Still am in some areas) in YOUR SHOES. is WONDERFULL. You can request a FREE copy of 100 Days After diagnosis. & they have a special Aspergers edition!! It is great!!

My son just turned 12 & was diagnoised in July 2010.

I also joined a support group on facebook: Asperger's awareness Page.

I have met some great Mom's who are & have been in our shoes. :)

I also created a Group, Matthew's Page, to get more info, since there were no places in my "small town" community.& surfing the web was exhausting!!

I say that those 1st 2mo. or so after learing about Asperger's:

"I felt like someone came into my house, Blindfolded me, took me to a foreign country, & all I had to "Find my way home", was a Laptop w/limited access." I was so lost!! I felt that EVERYTHING I knew to be a good Mother(& wife) Were not what My Son(ohter kids) NEEDED! NOT that what I knew or did was WRONG, Just NOT WHAT THEY NEEDED!!

Still am a little, BUT IT GETS BETTER!!!

If there is ANYTHING I can do or answer for you please contact me!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE,

Tracy :)


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Hi. My son is 12 and is also ASD, but very high on the spectrum. For him, the social awkwardness was the most noticeable as he got older. I found a social group through the school- not run by them, just pointed out by them. He took part for 2 school years. It was all boys in his age group led by a therapist and an assistant. This helped tremendously. He is in 7th grade now and has friends at school and is able to go out and play with kids in the neighborhood. It is very hard for him still, but he is able after having some help and guidance from the group. I hope this helps.

Bonnie Jean - posted on 04/11/2010




Here are a couple of web sites that will answer many of your beginning questions....

Just remember he is very concrete/literal...I remember saying it was"raining cats and dogs" to my sons who learn on the Autism Spectrum , they ran to the windows to see the sight of cats and dogs falling from the My sons were diagnosed in first and second grade they are now 20 and 22 yrs old..

They are doing very well. I have a friend whose son with Aspergers just graduated from a four yr University. Shoot for the stars and he will amaze you. Autism only means he will learn the same thing as everyone else...just in a different way.

I also have a friend whose son was not diagnosed until he was 18 years old. You are starting on a wonderful journey.

Please email me if you have any questions I might be able to help you with.

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