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Even though these do you t made me cry like a baby- they touched me deeply I hope they do you too

Mommy, don't you cry now and Daddy don't you weep.
I want to whisper something before I go to sleep.
I know that when I cam here I looked perfect in every way.
And you were so proud, Daddy; when you held me on that day.
And Mommy, when you kissed me and wrapped me up so tight,
I knew that I belonged here and everything was right.
But then I stopped talking and began to slip away,
I saw your worried faces as you knelt by me to pray.
And Daddy, I always notice how you wipe away a tear,
When you watch the other children as they run and laugh and cheer.
I may not be able to tell you how much I love you so,
Or even show you how I feel and what I really know.
But when you hold me, Mommy, at night when all is still,
I feel the love you have for me and I know that all is well.
And Daddy, when you take me to the park to run and play
I know that you still love me thought the words I cannot say.
I want to tell you something before I go to sleep.
I may be sort of dirrect and you may not understand,
I know that I am not that little hild that you and Daddy planned.
But I love you both so very much and I know you love me too,
And if I could only speak my heart, you would feel my love for you.
I know the future is unknown and you will always have to be,
The ones who love and listen and take good care of me.
I know that you are frightened and you shed so many tears,
And if I could I'd wipe them dry and take away your fears.
So Mommy, don't you cry now and Daddy please don't weep.
I want to say…I love you both, before I go to sleep.

Written by Sally Meyer

I am Ethan.
You may not understand me, or the way I feel today.
You may not understand my reasoning for things I do or say.
The reasons why I'm so loud and say things over & over again,
Why I run so differently or lose my homework every now & then.

I write my letters backwards and sometimes numbers too,
and when in a conversation, I'll say "Guess what" 100 times to you.

Too much noise, light, or excitement can set me in a spin.
I don't like the way these pants feel rubbing against my skin.

I try to be good, but sometimes it's hard to control,
I have to do it, it's an impulse, I don't always do what I'm told.

Ketchup, Ranch and BBQ sauce on everything I eat,
sometimes I have days that I just can't sit still in my seat.

I like to talk a lot even when it's out of turn,
my mind plays tricks on me and interrupts what I'm trying to learn.

Sit up straight, wipe my face, and play ever so soft,
some of these things I have trouble with and I usually lose my train of thought.

I didn't mean to spill the milk mom, or slam the door so hard,
everyone else is done with their homework, I don't know where to start?

My heart's as big as gold, my feelings get hurt too,
I get sad, cry and have bad days just like you.

My brain works differently than other girls and boys,
but one thing always holds true, I can give your life so much joy.

I get frustrated so easily and my hand won't work that way,
I don't understand why those other kids won't let me come over and play.

Please don't think of me any differently or love of me any less,
I'm just like other kids and trying to do my best.

I am very special in my own unique way, and every moment with me
you'll never have a dull day.

By Kelly Graham

I got them off this website and there are many more

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