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I have an 8 year-old that can't ride a bike this typical for an ASD child?


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Thanks, Christy - my daughter is large for her age -- at 8 1/2 years, she's 5 ft and is almost 100 lbs. I would love the opportunity to check out any options there are for her. I ordered special heavy-duty training wheels for her on line, but they soon bent like the rest of them. Thanks for your help and insight.

Christy - posted on 09/07/2009




Hi Holly- from what I've learned, yes, it's typical. Our (almost) seven year old peddles around on a specially-ordered bicycle that has training wheels. It was difficult to find, since he's also unusually tall for his age (he's 4 feet 4 inches tall), but the find has been priceless. Jackson will ride his bicycle now with the training wheels. He's still quite clumsy with it, but he feels terrific and loves to try. We still have to jog along side of him (good exercise for me at 37:), because he doesn't always pay the best attention to oncoming cars and obstacles, but it is worth it. If you'd like, I can find out from his grandfather where he located the bicycle (he found it for us online) and pass the info along.

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