Biting At School...Advice or Tips?

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Hi, Ladies! My son is in an all day school. With autistic support classes in the morning and regular kindergarten in the afternoon. He has not bitten very often at home and then it was minor. It seemed to be out of fustration. His diagnosis is mild autism with speech delay at this time. He just turned 7 and is usually happy and very creative. His a. s. teacher called to tell me that he wanted something another boy in his class had. When he didn't get it, he just bit him. When approached he was apologetic. They had to go to the nurse to be checked, the principal talked to him and he was sat on the naughty spot. He has lately been trying to keep things he wants or has already to himself. Yesterday he was taking things off of his little sister when she picked them up. How would you mom's help to teach him not to bite out of fustration? At school or home. Thanks!


Laura - posted on 01/30/2009




i went though the same thing with my son thomas, biting other children if they took an object he considered to be 'his' he used to nip his little brother out of frustration(he still has scars after two year) i think being strict is the key. take the object from him and put in in time out. thats what tom's school did and we carried it through at home. eventually he learned to control and manage his anger appropriately. it was quite funny at first when he realised he mustn't lash out as you could see he wanted to and he'd clench his fists and i swear if he were in a cartoon steam would come from his ears. consistant in the disipline, stick to it and it'll work out.

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