Continuous babbling is good or bad ?

Seemaonline5 - posted on 03/23/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3.3 years old son started speaking words , even he tries to join two or three words together but my main concern is his speech is not clear and most of the time he babbles, please tell mens it positive sign or negative? Am worried about his speech delay .


Ev - posted on 03/25/2018




If you are worried about a speech delay or any delay by all means get him evaluated. But I can tell you from experience my son was much the same way until he hit 3.5 years of age. Mostly one word was all you could understand but I learned his lingo for things. He was behind in grade school and from 1st grade on he got some speech and occupational therapy to help out and he was also diagnosed at 11 with a form of Autism but we were never given a specific spectrum. He was very high functioning as it was. Now he talks fine, he studies things that interest him, and he holds a full time job and pays bills.

You must also take into account that boys do fall behind in development compared to girls and that is normal. If he is understanding you when you have him do things or ask him a question that is normal. It may be his being able to put the words together and say them.

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