Discipline suggestions for rebellious son with Asperger high funct

Katherine - posted on 12/28/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please trying to find something that will work. My son was diagnosed a year ago with Aspergers high functioning he is 12 years old. Even when he was really young time outs, taking things away, taking special events away never worked. As he is getting older it is getting worse. I feel defeated, I’m just in desperate need of help before I lose my mind. Thank you


Susan - posted on 12/29/2017




As a parent with an adult child with Aspergers, I understand how you feel. What worked one day didn't work the next. It is frustrating. I have found some help at Autism Speaks This article (http://bit.ly/2pTKNa1) in particular helped. However, this is a relatively new site. I have also found help through Parent's magazine. When I looked on their site, I saw this article (http://bit.ly/2zM8fpg).
perhaps you could also try positive reinforcement. Use what your son likes as a reward instead of punishment. My son's school taught me this method and we had decent results.


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