Dont know who else to ask,but i need to ask other mothers. I have a 6 year old son. I ve been noticing that hes sort of different. Hes very smart and hes not shy. but he has a hard time making friends. We live across the street from the houses. He had recently made friends with these kids on that street at different times. Now those kids dont want to play with him. my sons dad takes himto his uncles, says dont kids are not intersested in playing with him. I did notice something before.Now i admit this was at the back of my mind. I need to address it. How do i know for sure he has this?


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Carol - posted on 08/09/2012




really doesn't matter if he shows signs of all the symptoms as not every one is qualified enough to make a diagnosis,my son has traits of many conditions and i just get told hes complex,he passed the ados which in my opinion should not be used alone to form a diagnosis,so 2 yrs on my son is still in limbo,hes statmented has an iep goes to a special school but the paed can't diagnose so my son still has to struggle with no help in the outside world,paeds are very reluctant to refer you to an autistic diagnostic centre as it shows they are failing in their job cause they cannot diagnose,ive begged to be refered but just get told im quite capable of diagnosing,my son is now 9 and ive fought hard for 2 yrs for a diagnoses only to be told wait till he gets older to see if any traits stand out more than others,paeds stick to the guidelines of diagnosing when there are so many myths surrounding autism,MYTH not all children on the spectum don't give eye contact,MYTH not all autistic children do not have some sort of an imagination,paeds do not take into account all the reports they recieve from other specalists to form a diagnosis they base it on the result of the ados alone,which i then got told oh he passed it on that paticular day,i have done loads of research into autism takes a paed 5 days to learn to diagnose autism what a joke!!!!! welcome to the world of so many who have to battle for yrs to get a diagnosis,its just the system failing our kids,as far as psychologists go they can have an opinion and write a report but in uk they cannot diagnose,my son has been seen by 2 ed psychs and a neuro psych who all said leaning towards autism but the paed chose to ignore these reports and base everything on the ados,anyone who gets a diagnosis quick is very very lucky!!!!! most plp i have spoken to its taken them yrs to get a diagnosis yet other kids who are no were near as bad as my son get one, all depends on where you live and how good the paed is i suppose,even his teacher has said he's on the spectrum but yet again her opinion ignored,a paed is a jack of all trades master of none as they deal with all childhood illnesses,go with your gut if you feel your child is on the spectrum fight and keep fighting as nobody will help you,a referal to a autistic diagnostic centre needs funding and they don't like putting their hands in their pockets to fund you,good luck with your uphill battle as the road to diagnosis is a long hard one

Anaquita - posted on 05/31/2012




I say it's possible, but what other things are "different" about him? Does he have any stimming habits, hyper focusing on a key subject or two, repeat what he's saying constantly, talking in a monotone, etc? (By monotone, I don't mean that it has to be a quiet bland tone. My son who has aspergers often talks really loudly, but all the same tone, without much inflection, if any at all.) Or say not proper reciprocal conversations, lack of proper empathy, and more.

If he is on the spectrum, at the age of 6 is about the time symptoms of higher functioning autism/aspergers does start to come out, and be more noticeable. Kids like that can often interact better with adults, than peers their own age. But, he may also only have a social delay of some kind. Or perhaps just marches to the beat of his own drum. Write this stuff down, ask the teachers if they have any concerns, and if so to write it down, and trust your gut, and take the observations to the pediatrician, who would give you the referral to someone who can properly evaluate him. (Like a pediatric neurologist, autism clinic, children's hospital, etc.)

Krista - posted on 05/31/2012




go with your gut girl and ask you pediatrician for a referral to a psychologist. Can't hurt to have him checked. I should have followed my instincts years ago instead of waiting until my son was 10. He is getting help now and has made huge strides with his social issues.

Carol - posted on 05/14/2012




Look up symptoms of autism or asperger's. Does he have some other symptoms, other than being very smart and having a hard time making friends? If so, bring him to your doctor and ask him (or her) about it. If he thinks it's a valid point, he'd recommend further testing or at least the next step you could take. You could ask his school, but I haven't had any luck or heard of anyone who has luck asking a school for help.

Katherine - posted on 05/13/2012




Just because he can't make fiends doesn't mean he's on the spectrum. He has to have other symptoms. A lot of other symptoms. So it's probably not that.

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