Duel Diagnosis: Bipolar and PDD

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Are there any mom's out there who have children with a duel diagnosis of Bipolar and PDD?!? My 12 year old son has been diagnosed Bipolar since he was 6. He was hospitalized last year (and still is) and they added the diagnosis of PDD. They also have done IQ testing and Neuropsych testing and said he is boardline MR which we won't know for sure about until is 14-16 years old. I live in San Antonio and there is not many resources here. Can anyone help or offer any advice?


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Stephanie - posted on 01/15/2010




He's taken lithium in the past. He was diagnosed at 6 with Bipolar and the PDD was just added this last year. Yes MR is mental retardation here in Texas. I live in San Antonio and there are really now support groups and believe me I have spent many many many hours looking. He was hospitalized last Feb because of aggression and that is basically the reason he is still in the hospital. He is very self abusive and has progressed on bein more aggressive with other people now. They are still trying to tweak his meds. The doctors are saying he would benefit from a long term care facility. The problem is that I have found some good ones but as soon as they learn he is Bipolar along with the PDD nobody will take him...Very unfortunate situation....

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Is your son receiving lithium? Is he rapidly cycling, or does he have periods of stability. I have worked with a child who had a dual diagnosis of bipolar and mild intellectual delay (I am assuming MR refers to mental retardation....which is what we call MID in my area..please clarify if I am wrong in my assumption)

Why is he hospitalized? Are they adjusting meds, did he become a danger to himself/or others?

Regardless, therapy is a must for someone diagnosed with Bipolar. They need to learn to recognize and cope with their cycles, understand the need to take meds, and realize that they have a medical condition. This is an awful lot for a 12 year old to take in, so it really is a full family issue because bipolar impacts the entire family.

My father was bipolar (called manic depression in his day). He was on a very strict meds regiment to keep him "stable". He also did not include any caffeine in his diet and (as he was an adult) did not drink any alcohol.

Find out if your area has a mental health support group....in my province (Ontario) you would call the Canadian Mental Health Association and tell them you are in need of support....they would then hook you into support services. Is there something similar in Texas that is run by the state or your city?

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