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Ume Ammara - posted on 11/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son 3 and half has some problem with his eye sight.sometimes he cant find his ball and especially he cant follow his ball properly.his eye specialist said its not about his eye sight but his brain and eye coordination is weak,and i should take him to developmental specialist.he had delayed milestones and started walking when he was 19 months old.accordind to doc the part of brain related to eyes needs some more time to develop.i m really worried.do such kids catch up?


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Sharina - posted on 11/20/2009




My ten year old was the same way. I worried that he may never be able to function as an adult in society! I thought he would never be able to hold a job. However, with intense occupational, behavioral and speech therapy(along with ADHD meds.) he made a miraculous improvement in his development. He began at two years nine months by testing into the county's early intervention program, who works with the school board. It took eight hours because there were so many kids there(we lived in a large metropolis)! It was all in one building and he must have seen six different types of medical professionals for the assessment. Once they put all the results together, they signed him up for a special Pre-K 3 called The Place Program. It was an occupational, speech, behavior therapy preschool from 8-2 M-F. Of course this was a free service because it was a county school. They worked wonders with him there! After school he would go to a therapist's office 3 times per week for an hour for one on one therapy. That service was covered by medical insurance. There are programs out there for you and your son. I highly recommend seeking therapy and any other help because it made a big difference for us! There is hope!

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