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Katie - posted on 10/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ryan is 7 years old and has austim. Just wondering what kinds of gifts I should get for Christmas and birthday's. He does have low muscle tone,very little speech. He seemed to like tractors last year and we did get him some tractor tapes and he has most of the Baby Einstein tapes too. The teacher think he is around 24months in his learning we haven;t had an IEP yet that is next month.We did get him an exercise ball he bounces on that he doesnt ride a bike and we have a trampoline. Just wondering if you had any advice. Thanks


Karen - posted on 10/17/2011




An indoor swing Ikea has one cheaper than the therapy catalogs.
Beanbag chair
Musical toys like drum, maracas, play piano

Katherine - posted on 10/15/2011




An ipad, foam puzzle, books, color wonder markers, and I found this:

-special offer for FREE CD-ROMS at smarterkids
Little Tikes
Special Kids Learning Resource Network
Discovery Toys - purchase toys at home - demonstrations by experts!
Laureate Learning Systems - Special Needs and Language Development Software
Play Steps - teaching kids with special needs how to play functionally
Smart Laces
Ability Kids
Dimensions: Speech and Language Therapy Software
Silver Lining Multimedia
Gather Stars for our Children - Music for kids on the spectrum, their teachers, caregivers, therapists, etc.
Tender Care 4 Kids
Dragonfly: Devoted to Children with Special Needs
Check out's article "How to Choose a Gift for the Autistic/PDD Child"
For even more information, plus parents' hints, check out our E-News issue on this subject!


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Sonja - posted on 10/24/2011




Fun and Function (, I think) has a great selection of physical play toys and sensory integration options--we usually fill our son's stocking with squishy things and bristle balls, small cars, etc. This year we're getting a plasma car for him, but we haven't decided what else.

If you have certain needs that you need to fill in some areas (our son is mostly non-verbal, for instance, so we needed to get something to help him communicate last year--we opted for a Nintendo DS so he could also play some games if he wanted), then it's good to do some quick research online about how you might creatively do that--an iPad is a great purchase if you need some assistive technology for learning or communicating, but it's also pricey for many families (like mine).

And there are many websites that offer great toys that build on skills you want to reinforce from school (can you use information from your IEP meeting to help you make a list, then?).

Good luck!

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