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Eleanor - posted on 09/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I want to implement a gluten free-casein free diet with my autistic son for gastrointestinal reasons and because it is known to help increase the autistic child's capacity to focus and learn. My question is what foods can be purchased ready to eat? Where do I get them? I'm having a hard time finding answers on the internet, although Bisquick/Nestle have a few options. I'm looking mainly for cheese substitutes, processed meats, breads, etc. Do I need to shop exclusively at specialty grocery stores now? Pleae share any useful websites or food items that you are aware of!! I'm scared of the reaction my child will have as his comfort foods are gradually replaced...


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Lynn - posted on 09/03/2010




My daughter is a celiac. She has found the only and best bread is called Udi's.
It does not fall apart like all the other breads.
It has to be purchased at a health food store.
Regular grocery stores are now selling Betty Crocker gluten free cake mixes. Our Meijer's store has an isle dedicated to all gluten free stuff.
Chex cereals are all gluten free.
The only hot dogs you can use are Oscar Myer.
The only lunch meat comes in a brown bag looking box and says on it that has no nitrates, gluten or perservatives. I don't remember the name of it. It is by all the packaged lunch meats..
She also found in the grocery store Annie's macaroni and cheese (rice noodles). You have to just keep trying things because not all of it is good.

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some of Kraft shredded cheese is lactose free look at the back for a little sign that says "0 percent lactose per serving. potatoes and rice are both gluten free. lactaid milk is great and my kids love it and it comes in chocolate too. alot of cereals are made with corn instead of wheat including cocoa puffs. you really just need to wonder through your grocery and read labels. it takes a couple of weeks but it will soon be easy to grab what you need and go without having to think to much. all meat and vegis are good, you can buy rice flour and bake with it to make cookies that he likes. the only real difference is a small one in the texture of the cookie. i have made them for parties and no one even notices the difference

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Betty Crocker has some stuff out that's usually found in the cake aisle. Depending on where you live, if the stores have a health food section, you will often find GFCF items there. If you aren't sure, read the ingredients. Sometimes they are labeled Gluten Free when they are also casein free. In that area, there are now often frozen foods available as well. It's expensive to go with pre-made, but doable. You might also have a GF bakery nearby.

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