Sarah - posted on 10/21/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




In need of some advice. I live in Northern California. I've been fighting my 7, about to be 8 year old sons pediatrician to help get a diagnosis. I believe, as well as others, that he has high functioning autisim. The doctor will not look past ADHD, and I'm sure that ADHD can very well play a part of it, but its more than just that. Last school year he was put on ADHD meds (tried two different types) , that made his aggression worse to the point of attacking a teacher. He is still agressive this year, and doc went right back to ADHD meds but different ones, and now is adding in a med that is usually used for blood pressure, but assured me that it is also used to help agression...I need to find a doctor that can help me, but I have no idea who to go to... any advice?


Ev - posted on 10/22/2017




If you are needing a second opinion you should check you area. Go to your school and see if they can give a list of resources that test for this and other related things. The school should be helping you anyway.

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