Help Autsim child out of control!!!

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Misty - posted on 03/05/2012




is it possible that he has an issue with wheat gluten and processed sugars??? My daughter has Asperger's and she has serious behavioural issues when eating wheat gluten and when she gets too much refined sugar... I've had success with a gluten-free diet for my daughter and I know other parents have had successes as well.... considering his diagnosis..maybe some sensory accomodations might be helpful??? body breaks through the school day, ear muffs or noise cancelling headphones for the classroom, rearranging of the desks to cut down on the number of kids he can see, a change in lighting, a visit with the school's social worker (if there is one) on a regular basis, etc.... not sure what your school board has in place for policies but if you call the board, they may be able to put you in touch with the people who can help.... also getting in with the therapist will be helpful I'm sure....good luck

Tammy Lynn - posted on 03/05/2012




Maybe perhaps the boy is facing the onset of puberty, it throws off his ideals. With his OCD, he is bothered by the changes but with his inability to process this information as we would, he resorts to many negative behaviors. I know he is taking a higher dose of straterra which is helping. He also has lots of support at home withhis mom and dad. His dad has talked to him about his changing body and why the changes are occurring. Fortunately, the boy is quite receptive. I hope this helps somewhat. I kmow it's tough- hang in there! If I can find any more helpful info, I will post.

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