hi i am a mother of a son with aspergers he is 22 my husband is 51 he is also in the progress of getting diagnosed


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Carol - posted on 06/28/2012




My husband and son also have it. My son is 11 and my husband just passed away at 39. I hope yours are as lucky as my family has been with the asperger's. Both are so smart, loyal, and kind, and lots of other traits that asperger's plays a role in. My husband was my best friend and we had a perfect marriage. He was super easy to talk with and loyal beyond a doubt to all his friends and family. He did great at his job. The only draw back I see for both of them was/is the social problems. My husband had overcome most of them (except for cutting people off or talking over them). My son struggles with bullying all the time and doesn't fit in great in most settings - like his dad at the same age. It's tough seeing them go through some of the problems. Overall though, I consider it a blessing. It me to read the literature about it because I found that I blamed them for some things that they just didn't see or couldn't help. After talking the behaviors over with them, we'd find a comprimise that worked for all of us.

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